Sharing with the Destitute

working in the gardenEvery Monday students and staff share the Word at Sonskyn, an Afrikaner (white) homeless shelter near the auction. They had 13 ladies the first week and 10 men the second week. One man heard the message and said the preaching is true but they can’t preach to the hungry people. The man was so hungry he was even shaking. They are also praying for new ways to interact with the people. Instead of just preaching and leaving we would like to do some discussion or questions to get them talking.

Tuesday morning on the walkabout evangelism we found 7 ladies that live on Plot 13 from Zimbabwe and their husbands were taken by police for deportation since they didn’t have proper paperwork. This left the ladies with all their children and nothing to eat. So on Thursday before MSSM we went to this location and took them some donated mealie for each family and some vegetables from our garden. We also found some folks not working and hungry for the Word so we will start the Thursday morning Bible study at the base next week.

The ministry to the ladies at the strawberry fields started during their lunch breaks on Tuesday and Thursdays. One group reported that they spoke about peace from God from Romans 5 and had some discussion afterwards. The other group they shared about putting God first in their lives from Luke 10 and they had some good bonding time with them and they are really starting to connect with them.


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