Indonesia BMW Ministry Update Winter 2014

Indonesia Bible School Students from AmbonAmbon BMW:

There are 31 students being prepared for ministry. The students are conducting 26 Good News Clubs and ministering in 14 churches during weekends. There has been no problem lately between Christians and Muslims. The school computer was stolen that had all the students records. Linda requested prayer for a new computer costing about $700.00. They are planning a mission trip to Seram island for promotion and recruiting new students. Thank God there has been no more erosion of land this past year endangering the campus which is built on a hill.

Medan BMW:

There are a total of 83 students at the Medan BMW. The students are conducting 27 Good News Clubs and serving in 22 churches during weekends. The students are planning 4 mission trips for evangelism and promoting the school. The school has requested to have their own graduation of 31 students on September 15th 2014 and not join in with a combined graduation of all the schools in Tangerang as in previous years.

There is a communicating problem with the internet system and the telephone company has suggested installing a 30 meter high antenna for a cost of $1100.

There are 15 goats and 9 pigs on campus. BMW Medan has launched a B.Th. program with 15 students enrolled. All are BMW graduates with a diploma in Bible.

There was an erosion next to the prayer house and the prayer house must be moved to another location. Ezra has established an Advisory Board of about 10 people consisting of pastors and Christian businessmen for the purpose of assisting the Medan BMW financially and logistically. One project is the installation of a water system.

The school is praying about an extension program to offer studies for pastors who have not competed Bible College.

Papua BMW

There are total of 18 students and they conduct 40 Good News Clubs every week and serve in 14 churches for weekend ministry. These Good News Clubs are conducted under trees, on beaches, near a rivers etc. The school arranged for 85 Christmas parties for children with a total 2540 children from Muslim, Roman Catholic and Christian homes.

The school has 12 fish ponds but a large foreign fish has been eating the fishes. There is a constant problem of local Papuan village people taking their students out of the BMW for working in the village garden and fishing. Citra has established an Advisory Board of 11 local pastors and business people to assist the school financially. There is a good relationship with 12 churches.

Borneo BMW

There are 2 MSSM members and 2013_Borneo_0261 Intern assisting MSSM who is the leader of the MSSM operation including equipment. The main entrance road has been hardened with rocks and stones so that trucks can drive up to the campus. All the work has been done manually. There are only 2 people working on the building. So actually 2 people are working on the road and building so it is a slow process. They have completed 4 rooms in the main building. There are 8 toilets and 6 shower rooms. They plan to build a 1 meter wide path from the building below to the main building. Half a meter for stairs and the other half of the path for a motorcycle. One problem is the salary of the MSSM worker. No one in Indonesia can live on $50 per month. The government will connect running water for the cost of about $80.  Wahyu is in Tangerang now and she will bring the funds for the photocopy machine and purchase it in Pontianak. Cost of generator 5000 watt is presently $800, and a generator of 3000 watt is $600. The generator can run when needed for the photocopy machine.

Sosok BMW

There 4 staff members with 39 students. The students conduct 24 Good News Clubs and serve in 24 churches during the weekend.

The students raise 12 pigs and 14 goats, 2 ducks and 13 chickens.

There are 647 Palm Oil trees bringing in local income of an average of $600 per month. A new kitchen has been built at a cost of $4000.

Tangerang BMW

There are 5 staff members and 56 students.

The students conduct 88 Good News Clubs and minister in 29 churches during the weekend.

The school bus had a major accident with 17 students inside. The bus hit the sidewalk and turned over and all the students were in shock and several were admitted to the hospital. But praise God all are OK. The bus is severely damaged and it will take at least $5,500 to repair the bus, the engine and the body and all the windows.

The school is praying for a motorcycle to be used for the Good News Clubs and also for an electric guitar costing $300.

Wonogiri BMW

Wonogiri staff & studentsThere are 37 students and 4 staff members. There are 7 instructors teaching the curriculum. A new metal roof has been installed. This school is the first BMW in Indonesia. Toilets, ceiling and doors need to be repaired for a total cost $3,500.

The students conduct 17 Good News Clubs and serve in 17 churches during weekends.

The students participated in sports competitions of several schools and won 3rd price.

The school had a Christmas celebration for 300 Moslem neighbors and they all heard the Gospel. Dorsila will graduate in June from a nearby Seminar with a Masters degree in Religious Education. The school is in the preparation for being upgraded to a B.R.E. program.



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