Madagascar Ministry Continues

Greetings from Madagascar,

We have done with the Leader seminar last week. There are 17 new leaders. This is the very first time that we ever had enough people from the outside to be a leader. I actually prayed for a change this year, so here we are. The trouble we are having this year is that we had so many team members, we are having 29 people per team now so we have about 30 extra people that we have to fit in the budget, of course it is very tight but we are praying help from the Lord. Usually many don’t show up every year so we recruited more, but then everyone turned up.

BC has gone well, the first night we’ve had over 20 came forward, then about 30 the next night. The Lord has been really working at this BC. He provided us with people who are help on the spiritual training. We have a lady who run a Christian program for children in Tana. She brought about 10 kids from her place and she stayed as a volunteer at BC. She was graduated from the YWAM and has been involved with youth for many years. Her name is Vero, I gave her some of the leader seminar classes, then Bible marking at BC, and ¬†some of the spiritual classes. I have asked her to translate the Bible study book and she is working on that so the teams will have that new Bible study with them in the fields.


I am here in Tana with the US team now and will be back at BC tomorrow and will give more details. Thanks for all your prayer we felt that here.


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  1. More info please..The Lord is moving

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