Bland, Bob & Bernie Newsletter (Winter 2014)

Bland Staff Newsletter


IMG_1840We trust each of you had a very blessed Christmas in remembering the truth of our Savior, Jesus the Christ. The Bland family is very thankful for a wonderful Christmas. We had our whole family here which included our first great-grandchild, Joel Robert Brozman, who is five months old and Catherine Noel (or Pooh as we call her), along with her husband, Brian Shultz. We all had quite a surprise when Pooh gave her mother an envelope. Inside was a picture of a sonogram showing a baby; she is eight weeks pregnant. Mink (Cathy’s son, Joshua) filmed it and, of course, played it back several times showing Cathy’s blank stare with her mouth wide open! Mink says playing it back each year will be a new family tradition!


All four ministries, Teen Missions Int’l (TMI), Third World Missions, AIDS Orphans and Street Children (AOSC) and Motorcycle Sunday School Mission (MSSM) are doing well and expanding.


Our goal of 50 Sunday schools has been reached and exceeded by 100, giving a total of 150 Sunday schools operating in Africa and Asia. This year, we started 24 Sunday schools in Madagascar and 12 in Borneo, six in Cambodia and eight more in Malawi.

1546120_10152854470321988_261616425_nAFRICAN AWAKENING

This is the year of preparation for the African Awakening. Eivind and Carol Bray will go to South Africa in May and begin building another replica of the Old Testament Tabernacle. In July, Bob plans (Lord willing and health permitting) to go to South Africa, Cameroon, Malawi and Madagascar to work on African Awakening set up and the securing of needed supplies. A Big Top tent, Tabernacle materials and a truck and trailer for the Tabernacle are just a few things he will try to procure.  He will also coordinate the African Awakening with the TMI coordinators from several bases. While in South Africa, he hopes to set up the Samaritan’s Ladies program to help young ladies get out of prostitution by training them in a trade that they can use to support themselves.


The Circuit Rider Band is back on the road. After Christmas, their tour began in Phoenix and now they are in California for two months before working their way back to the Midwest, ending at Boot Camp in June where they will be leading the music program. While in Phoenix, Carly Mastor and Sam Drawbond became engaged with a wedding planned in October.

Bland's family 2014BERNIE’S SURGERY

Bernie has been in lots of pain from bursitis in her hip and arthritis in her knee. She had surgery on her knee January 13th. Please pray for her recovery and therapy.


The BMW students (plus half a dozen staff) are enjoying working on their gardens. Each student has their own 30×30 foot garden. They are also divided into three groups of eight that will have separate gardens to produce food just for Boot Camp. The Brevard County Agriculture agent, Sally Scalera, has taught them on Thursday afternoons. Doug Petersen (who is in the States until February) has also taught some subjects. This will be very helpful for those going to work with AIDS Orphans.

Drilling RigDRILL RIG

The new water well drilling rig is now packed tightly in a 20-foot shipping container surrounded by tons of clothes for AIDS Orphans and ready to ship. Pray with us that it will reach Malawi by June.  We have two teen teams scheduled to go there this summer and drill wells. The second rig has been ordered and is expected to be at Boot Camp to train those who are going on the team. We are also open to any church that would like to send an adult team of three to six during some other time of the year to drill water wells in Malawi with the rig. We can set it up. Training will be in Florida for two days. Contact the Florida office for more information.

Thanks to ALL OF YOU who make it possible by your prayers and financial support for us to serve the Lord.


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