Adams, Joshua & Sarah Newsletter (Winter 2014)

1512574_265300790293199_274896781_nHello Everyone,

Happy New Year!!!

We hope that this new year is finding you doing well. I’m sure that you, like us are looking forward to seeing what God is going to do this year. But before we look too far ahead, let us first tell you of God’s faithfulness in our lives this past year. As I sit here and think of all the changes that have happened in my life since this time last year I’m amazed that I still have hair…God’s working on that though. 🙂 Within this last year I got married, moved three times, had an unexplainable kidney disease, went through the sorrow of Sarah’s brother passing away and, last but not least, had a son!!!

The last few months have been quite chaotic, but very exciting. On October 18th Titus Matthew Adams was born. He brought with him sleepless nights, dirty diapers and of course days full of joy and excitement! We have been having a blast; he is such a blessing to us! We praise the Lord for the privilege of being parents. It is amazing how much he has grow already and it seems like just yesterday that he was born. I now understand very clearly why people say to enjoy it while it lasts. Being a parent has really opened up our eyes to a better understanding of the Scriptures when they that that God loves us as His sons and daughters. It also gives us a better understanding of the pain that God went through in giving His Son for us. Praise God for His great love. “See what kind of love the Father has given to us, that we should be called children of God; and so we are.”  (1 John 3:1)

1502558_255782484578363_1658987654_nAnother major change in our lives is that we have moved back to Teen Missions property to work as dorm parents for the students. This should be our last move for a while…Lord willing! Being dorm parents means that we spend more time with the students, encouraging them and being there to talk if they need someone to talk to. We also provide a place they can come and just hang out.  In addition to this I now work in the BMW office in the afternoon so the students have someone they can come and talk to if they are having a rough day or if something goes wrong. Unfortunately I also have to administer punishments if required, which is something no one enjoys doing.

I still work in the Video Department and it continues to be a thrill. I love going on YouTube to see how many people are responding to the devotionals that we put up. My prayer is that many people will see the devotionals and recognize their need for Christ! Sarah is really enjoying being a mother and caring for Titus. In the afternoon she works in the AIDS Orphans Department and really enjoys that. It has been a blessing for her as she is able to help the orphans in Africa by taking care of the paperwork that the sponsors send in along with packing shoes and clothes to send overseas.

1460046_10202195241109955_2055184030_nWe have also been able to begin a new ministry in the trailer park we used to live in. In November we held a cookout in the trailer park in order to promote a new children’s ministry that we will be doing every Saturday starting this month. Our desire is to reach the children with the message of Jesus Christ and through them reach their parents. God planted this ministry in our hearts last summer and when we started sharing with others, we came to find out that God has been giving many others the same desire! The cookout went well. We had expected 200 people but only 50 came. The children that did come were really excited about our Saturday ministry. We did a drama and handed out ice cream, snow cones and popcorn. We praise God for the responses, and we continue to look to Him as we plan for the start of the Saturday ministry.

As you can see our God has been very faithful to us as we trust in Him to provide and care for us. Although this year has been full of challenges and also blessings, I am glad that another year has come and we look forward to seeing how God is going to use us and those around us for His glory. Our God is amazing and we are honored to be able to serve such a great God. It was a joy to see some of you this Christmas break and to be able to introduce my wife to you and of course show my son off to you all. Thank you so much for all of your financial support and prayers, they are such a blessing to us. It is so good to know that we have people backing us up. We are so grateful for you all.


Prayer Requests:

–   Pray that the children in the trailer park will recognize their

need for Christ!

–   Pray for the BMW students as they do their studies and

work training.

–   Pray for our family as we reach out to the community and work

with the BMW students.

–   Pray for Titus’ salvation.

–   Pray for revival in America.

–   Pray for our support.


–   Pray for our health.

God bless you all!

With Love, 

Joshua, Sarah and Titus Adams


 Our contact information:

867 East Hall Road

Merritt Island FL, 32953

Email: [email protected]

Cell Phone: 661-607-4720



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