Bauman, Adam & Amyann Newsletter (Winter 2014)

Bauman Dearest Family, Friends, and Former Team Members,

new family2014! What?! When did that happen?!!

It is so crazy that it is already the year 2014! I look back on my last 11 years with Teen Missions and am struck speechless at what God has done. To look at where the Lord has taken me leaves me in amazement at how great He truly is. It shows me that nothing is impossible with Him, because if He can take the girl I used to be and make me into the woman He is working me into— He can do anything. He has used the ministry of Teen Missions and the people here to help me through a lot of the issues I went through as a teenager. That is why I get so excited when I see the team members during the summer and the Bible students during the year work things out with the Lord.

Summer of 2014

Things could change, but for now this summer we are scheduled to lead a team of preteens to Indiana. I have gone to this particular team location three times, and it was very rewarding. What this team does is go to different county fairs around Illinois, Kentucky, and Indiana and set up a booth offering free ice water.  As a way to share the Gospel we give surveys about teenagers. The last two questions they ask the people are “If you were to die tonight where would you go?” and “How do you know?” This at least gets those people to consider what they are doing with their lives and if it is a life worth living. This has changed hundreds of lives for the better including some of the kids who have given out this survey.

baby talking


In our last newsletter Adam told you that we were expecting a baby girl. She arrived on December 2nd and has been one of the biggest joys of our lives. Her name is Mikayla and she weighed 8 lbs 11 oz. God has been so good to us by providing us with a beautiful healthy bundle of blessings. As some of you know, I had her by cesarean because of her broad shoulders. I wanted so badly to have her naturally (I knew that the recovery time was slower and that I might also need to have c-sections for any other children Adam and I may have), but this experience was so good for me because I saw a spiritual application. I was able to see the similarity of this situation and the one Christ went through on earth. I was willing to go through the c-section for my baby, but cried out for another way. Christ cried and wished there was some other way, but was willing to become sin for us. He not only got cut open to give life, He was tortured and mocked for something we did. Three days in a hospital bed seemed like a long time until I compared it to three days in the grave! And just like I have scars from the incision, Christ has the scars on His hands, feet, and side so that we can remember what He went through. Thank God for His grace and mercy to undeserving people like us.

Daddy rocking MikaylaAdam divides his time between working outside on the land crew doing various projects and working in the Promotions Department.  Recently he represented the ministries of Teen Missions at an area pastors conference.  He loves to get out and share the ministry and how lives are changed because of it. We are excited that over 400 teens are signed up to go on summer trips. at hospital Our favorite part of this ministry is encouraging, challenging and witnessing to the young people that come here each summer.

Thank you all for your prayers and support that enable us to serve the Lord here.  Thank you to all of you who gave gifts and gift cards to help us with all we needed for Mikayla. We pray God blesses you all richly.

In His Arms,


Adam, Amyann, and Mikayla



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