Deegan, Sean & Sharon Newsletter (Winter 2014)

Deegan Staff NewsletterGreetings to all our Wonderful Friends and Family!

 GYNjGABL0Ixi0KGz3n3-uycI-aWk3wCxUugAWAuNOPIWe hope and trust that you were all blessed this Christmas season while we remembered how our Lord came to earth in such a humble way. One thing we don’t like is how fast the season just comes and goes, but we should always carry the memory within us and be thankful daily for what He has done.

Since our last letter, our family has been busy busy. As you all know, Sean’s dad passed away suddenly during our last visit to North Carolina in August. It was a very sad time for the Deegan family and those close to him. One thing that Sean’s dad loved to do was run. During his lifetime, he entered numerous races and also just ran for fun. It was one of the things he has been remembered most for. In honor of this, Sean and his sister Charlotte have taken on running and have entered into 5Ks themselves. Since October, Sean has run two 5Ks and one 5.5K. The 5.5K was on the stroke of midnight on New Years Eve and he and Charlotte ran it together. It was a wonderful way to honor their dad and ring in the new year in such a memorable way. We as a family have enjoyed the fact that Daddy has taken on running. Some of us have started running as well. I am hoping to enter my first 5K in February and Kieley hopes to run a 3K at the zoo. It has now become an “epidemic” and is spreading out to some of the staff at Teen Missions as well.

Homeschooling has hPe6lWtKQlIbycrEkqTbEAwEeMrgNAK4EAamP_A9_kQbeen going well. Kieley (7) has officially started the 1st grade and we have attempted to do Lifepacs this year. She has five subjects this year: Bible, language arts, math, history and geography and science. Aiden (4) is practicing his reading and writing and is somewhat showing interest in schoolwork. Cailyn (2) can recognize the majority of her letters and loves to color. It has been a bit of a challenge to keep all the kids busy at one time and get school work done without too many distractions. I honestly don’t know how moms of four or more can do it. With the Lord’s help, we can do this! As for our summer, we are still not yet sure of what the Lord has planned for us. We had been placed on the Philippines Team, but after the Typhoon hit the team project was changed to relief work. The project location was not going to be a good place for young kids so we chose not to go there. We have not yet been placed on a team and may be on summer staff again. It is actually quite nice to have a break from leading teams now and then, and if we do end up being summer staff, it will be the first time Sean has not gone on a team since 2009. Whichever way it goes, we are more than thankful for any opportunity the Lord has in store for our family.

Our family has also gotten a little crafty. Sean took up woodworking about a year ago and it has flourished into a great hobby. He has made so many items and trinkets that we decided he needs to have a chance to sell them. Last November we started entering into craft fairs. Sean has entered a lot of woodworking projects such as bird houses, zoo cages for stuffed animals, marshmallow shooters and picture frames. I have also entered crocheted projects and am now taking on spring wreaths and decorations. We have joined forces with other Teen Missions families and have had two opportunities so far to share a booth of our own. We call our booth the “Heart for Missions” booth. It has been a great way of getting our name out there as well as promoting Teen Missions. m754uL_mrN9T5B10it76agNM1jeJ3hjAQeYI5qQN-1U

We are so glad to have started something in such a new way and hope to do it for quite a while. Please pray that these craft shows will be successful. We have our first craft fair of the year on February 1st and 2nd.

We want to thank you all so much for your amazing support you have shown our family through prayer and finances. These past few months have been such a blessing we cannot begin to express our gratitude. Please continue to pray for us as we serve our Lord here with Teen Missions. And may the Lord bless you tremendously this new year of 2014.



Prayer requests:

•  That we will be the parents the Lord has called us to be for our kids. That we

will raise them according to the Scripture and have the patience needed.

•  For consistent financial support

•  For our family to stay healthy and strong.

•  Safety while we travel throughout the States and around the world.

•  Homeschooling






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