Evans, Amanda Newsletter (Winter 2014)

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Hey Family and Friends,

Greetings from Canada! I hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year. I can’t believe 2013 is over. The last three and a half months of 2013 were crazy; I was asked if I wanted to go to the Canada base for nine months and I actually said ‘yes’. My adventures included dealing with snow, shoveling the sidewalks and driveway and going sledding. Having a white Christmas was quite nice, especially since I am from Florida. I’m actually enjoying the winter—sometimes it is pretty cold but other times it is nice.

In January I took a break from the cold and went to Florida from the 12th to the 20th. I will be in Canada until sometime in March (I was originally going to be staying until 2013-12-24 16.37.40June 25th, but things have changed). My responsibilities here in Canada have been interesting. Some of the things I am responsible for are the same things I did in Florida, but some of it is new. I knew about processing the money that came in for staff, team members and Aids Orphans, but now I have to write checks and turn in paperwork to the Florida office as well. It has been somewhat of a struggle to learn some of the stuff because I was afraid to make mistakes.  But I have the mindset to learn all of it and make it an easy transition for staff members, Dave and Stephanie Spindler, who will be coming in February from the Florida base to run the Canada office. Another family may also be coming in April.

I thought spending nine months in Canada was going to be a long time; that has changed now and I’ll be returning sooner than expected. It is nice to have a change. I miss everyone in Florida, both of my church families, friends and family. Having the Reddekopps (former staff) here has been great and made it an easier transition for me. Now that I will be back sometime in March, I will be able to help set up for Boot Camp and maybe lead a team this summer. Thank you for all the prayers and support. I could have never been able to do this without you.


I would like to share a report from Wellman Family Rescue Unit in Malawi (the Unit I was at in 2008-2013-11-04 18.28.192009) written by facilitator Ganizani Edward:

“At our Unit we have a girl named Funny Saidi. She is 13 years old. One day I asked her how the borehole at the Unit has been helping her. This is what she said – before the borehole came she was struggling to find good water for drinking and she was walking a long distance of almost three km from her home. The water was not really good for the life of the people and sometimes she failed to go to school because she spent much time walking to get water. They were praying that God would give them good water for drinking near their house, and in time, God answered their prayer through the Wellman family because they donated the borehole at the Unit. Once the borehole came, it was a great help to her because now there was good water near her house, and diseases, which were coming because of drinking unclean water, were reduced.”

Thank you for continuing to partner with me as I serve the Lord here at Teen Missions.

In His Service,


Amanda Evans


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