News from Zambia March 2014


IMG_0557Wednesday was Youth Day. It is a gazetted holiday here. The students had a good time hosting some young people. Then on Sat. they went evangelizing in town. They prayed with 15 people who received Jesus as they were witnessing. They really enjoyed their time and are ready to go again as soon as they get an opportunity. Yesterday (Sun) they had the whole service at the Rock of Hope Church in town. Joseph, our intern, did the preaching. He did a very good job. The students led the worship, did a skit, the ushering and so forth. Doug and I went with them and it was a blessing. There is still much to learn. The Juniors are in their first term so not real seasoned in ministry but they are all still learning.


It is still raining hard every day. We have had lots of power outages. Even as I type I am on battery. The weather will be getting hotter and then changing to the dry cooler season soon.

World news

We are following the loss of the plane with amazement and frustration along with the rest of the world. We pray that they will have a breakthrough soon and this will not be a long drawn out affair as it looks like is developing.

IMG_4906Work Projects

Work has continued on the ‘quad’ building. Doug has been down there overseeing the roofing part of the project as well. His face is peeling from the sun reflecting back at him on the steel sheeting. But the roof looks good to me. 🙂 I took a couple of pictures last week. It is coming along nicely (as far as I can tell.) I guess the sheeting has had really gone up in price from what we thought it was while at home. But the roof will get done. Decisions will have to be made on the priorities for the next finishing stages. Hopefully Greg’s crew will be a help with that as well. Today they are also grinding and mixing feed, drying sawdust to save (we continue to burn sawdust to save money…), and doing grounds upkeep.


The maize field continues to look very good. I am speaking of the one with the compost. The ears are getting very big. We will compare the amount of grain at harvest time but the field looks really good to the eye.

 Thank You

That is about all of the news here. God bless you and thank you again for all of your hard work. We are privileged to be co-laborers together.

Barb Petersen


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