Petersen, Steve & Gay Newsletter (Winter 2014)

 PetersenSGDear Family & Friends,


What a blessing and privilege to have the calling, provision and health to serve the Lord full time. This past Christmas season offered us an opportunity to reflect on God’s goodness. Our family was blessed to be able to celebrate Christmas together (a RARE event…only the second time in almost 30 years) with Mom and Dad home from Zambia. We treasured every opportunity to talk, play games, attend Christmas events and of course… eat. I used some of my spare time to rebuild the past team groups on Facebook. If you are one of our former team members, this avenue has given us a way to stay in touch and to share: photos, testimonies, family milestones and prayer requests with the hundreds of young people we’ve been blessed to love, lead and disciple over the years around the world. Seek us out FTMs if you haven’t found your past team group yet!

I am currently working on website optimization and promotion at the office in addition to teaching Synthesis V (The Gospels) at the BIBLE, MISSIONARY & WORK (BMW) Training Center. The students are a lot of fun and always motivate me to work harder to instill all that the Lord intended them to know as they prepare for a lifetime of service in His harvest. Gay is cooking in the kitchen at TMI for the BMW students every Thursday and will soon spend many of the weekends in the spring cooking for retreats and work groups. She is also coordinating the Peanut Boot Camp again this summer, so she will be gearing up for that as well.


Teen Missions has been busy overseas with Boot Camps running these past few months in Zambia, Uganda, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Honduras, India and Australia. We’d like to share a story of God’s faithfulness from our Malawi base a few weeks ago…

Here at Teen Missions in Malawi we organized a sports ministry over the Christmas and New Year celebrations realizing that people here love to play different games. On Christmas Day we went to Chikomwe school where our BMW students go to teach Sunday school classes every weekend. At this Sunday school we have an average attendance of 50 people every Saturday. They learn Bible classes and literacy lessons. December 25th was a very special day because our program was different from usual. We shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ and later we went into sports activities. Praise the Lord that not less than 2,000 people came to be part of it. It is amazing to see how the kids from the Islamic backgrounds and families are memorizing the Bible verses and mastering the Bible stories. Besides that, it is how the Gospel of Jesus Christ is affecting their daily lives.

On January 01, we also organized a similar event at Machemba village sports ground. We targeted the entire area around Heart of Faith AIDS Orphans & Street Children (AOSC) Rescue Unit. The villages within the radius of 5 kilometers came to be part of this event. Around 5,000 people were in attendance. The opening remarks were made by village Headman Machemba (a Muslim), who made it very clear that he supports Teen Missions ministry because it promotes unity not hatred. In one of his remarkable comments, he said and I quote, “ In my belief (Islamic Faith) anybody else that does not believe in what I believe is an enemy. I find this promoting hatred not love and peace. But these people of Teen Missions have the faith that has brought all of you here. It is the faith that loves everybody and preaches peace that is practical. We all stand here today because they do not care that we share different faith from them but they still invited us to be part of this celebration. I am therefore to the side of peace and unity.” Praise God that we have a chief by our side. This is an open door to ministry rarely seen here.

On January 04, we had invited a total of 201 kids from our three Sunday school centers to come together to celebrate the dawn of 2014. They all learned Sunday school classes together. We also had a Bible memory verses quizzing competition. Later in the afternoon we blessed each individual with a few pieces of clothing. These used clothes were donated to us by our Head Office in Florida, USA. By the way most of these kids are orphaned and underprivileged. These kids went back home with very happy faces. One kid that went home with a very happy face is Amidu Ali aged 7, from Chipereka village. His mother dressed him in his best clothes realizing that he was going for a special celebration. When his name was called to come up front to pick up his package of clothes, it was very clear that he was the most needy kid. His shirt and shorts had many holes. We could all sympathize with him. He was the kid that was most thankful because of the blessing. We are so thankful to Teen Missions in Florida for the donation of clothes. I also know that there are people who donated these clothes to TMI in USA, in a very special way I want to thank you for that.


2014 Petersen

Currently, we have been assigned to lead the Malawi Well Drilling Team #2 (Super Boot Camp). After helping to train all of the teams at Boot Camp we will lead our team to Malawi, Africa. Our ambitious project is to operate a new drilling rig to give clean drinking water at our southern ministry location in Mangochi, a strongly Islamic

region. Teen Missions purchased a well drilling rig last spring and the permits have finally been received to allow our next container to be shipped to Malawi with the drilling rig inside. A volunteer with experience in the drilling industry provided training for several of our staff just before Boot Camp last summer. We would appreciate your prayers while the rig is in transit and for success on this special project.
Perhaps the most technically challenging assignment I have ever been given. We serve a BIG God and I can do ALL things through Christ which strengthens me.



Gay is continuing to homeschool the kids. Timothy is in 6th grade and Faith is in 3rd grade. They are both growing like weeds. In fact, Timothy is almost as tall as his mom.

Timothy and Faith are both expected to join us this summer on the Malawi Well Drilling team. God used both of them last summer as they shared the gospel with youth and adults alike.

Together in His Harvest,


Steve, Gay, Timothy & Faith Petersen

Is 6:8 / Heb. 11:1 / Phil 2:22&20 / Gal. 2:20


•  For hundreds of changed lives this winter at TMI Boot Camps Overseas

•  Customs paperwork is approved for shipping the drilling rig to Malawi, Africa

•  Registrations are up for the 2014 Teen Summer Trips (compared to last year at this time)

Prayer Items:

•  For Timothy & Faith to remain focused and excited to learn while homeschooling

•  Gay as she prepares for the upcoming Peanut Boot Camp

•  Gay’s brother Ron is battling brain cancer. Please pray for healing and strength for Ron & Rose Turner and for Gay and the rest of her family during this difficult time.

•  Our dear friend Mary Dooms was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer this fall. Please lift up George & Mary Dooms and their daughter Tami in prayer for a healing. These faithful servants of the Lord have been partnering in evangelism and youth ministry with Teen Missions for decades and hosted our summer teams in 2011 and 2013.


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