Motorcycle Sunday School Mission Opens in Cambodia

Cambodia March 028

Children eagerly receive the gospel message

Some of the kids are so excited to attend Sunday School. In one village ¬†SreyMom and Nelly explained that in the future there would be an offering, but that it isn’t required to pay because the money doesn’t go to the teacher, but is for the Lord. When they gave a break so that the kids could go to the washroom or to drink water the kids ran home got money and came back so they could give an offering. They also loved the songs and through the song the ladies sang about creation. (The kids thought it) was wonderful and were memorizing it. We have a lot of children and youth coming to Sunday School. There have been adults ministered to as well. Most of the Sunday Schools are being held in people’s homes who were open to the message of the Gospel so it gives an opportunity to share God’s Word to them too. Praise the Lord that the message of the Gospel is reaching places and hearts that had never heard it before.

Students’ Compassion Ministry leads to ‘Divine Appointment’ at Hospital

We have been scouting some new locations for Sunday Schools. We are also doing compassion ministry and the Lord is blessing this. I will mention what Tia told me about visiting the hospital. She said that sometimes the guards at the hospital turn them away because they are Christians but other days they are allowed in. Sometimes they buy things for the patients so that the guards see that they are going in with a gift for the sick people. One day Tia was biking to the hospital in order to share with the people there Cambodia March 089but she was very discouraged. All throughout the bike ride she prayed and was reminded of a verse she is memorizing in Isaiah 41:10. She stopped under a tree just near the gate of the hospital and cried. She began to pray and said “God I believe in you but how can you hold me with your hand? I don’t understand.” As she was praying a man with many parcels came up to her and asked what she was doing. She explained to him that she was there to encourage and pray for the sick people. The man invited her to come with him to meet his son who is in the hospital. Tia helped the father carry the bags of rice and food to his son and they talked for a long time about the Lord. In the end the father said to the students “You seem like good women. Do you want my son? You can take him and love and care for him.” The girls told him they were still students and couldn’t take him but they would like to keep visiting him in the hospital. The family was happy for this and invited them back. Tia said afterwards that she really saw that the Lord was holding her in His hand and He sent that man along on purpose.



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