Rakotomalala, Liva & Nomena Newsletter (Winter 2014)

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Hello everyone,

I (Nomena) want to thank you for all your care and love for us. Even though we are far away, you are faithful and remember us here. So, thank you! Psalm 133:1

DSCN5037During August and September we were in the South of Madagascar running the Boot Camp there. Everything went well. I liked working in the kitchen with some other staff. In addition, I was teaching Bible Marking along with finances to the leaders. But my favorite part of the day was the rally; I enjoyed singing and praising the Lord together with everyone. The people from the South have very good voices. The South Boot Camp started after we finished the one in the North.

Our family is doing great; the first born is now seven, the second is four, and the last girl is two and a half. The three of them go to school. They just started a new school year when we returned from the South.

The primary school at Teen Missions International (TMI) is growing step by step. Now we are having recruitment going on. Many people are wanting to put their children at our school because they notice the Glory of God: “We had a great result from the national official exams.” We teach the kids also to fear the Lord at school by teaching them Bible lessons every day. Two TMI staff members from Indonesia have arrived to help us! They did a three-year commitment to serve the Lord in Madagascar. Praise God for them! We have also a Peace Corp volunteer staying with us and is doing two years of teaching, so praise God for His provisions.

Our Bible School started again the 14th of October. Ten young people came to follow the program (Bible, Missionary & Work (BMW) Training Center).

We recently had the Australian Team here with us. They were so wonderful. We had a good time sharing a national dinner together with them. Either Liva or I translated every day for them at the school and Liva went with them on the motorbikes to the bush. I translated for the rest that stayed back and taught at the school. They also worked in the morning and changed the grass roof at the school to metal sheets. They even invited all of us here to go to the water park with them. I think this was the best team that has ever come to Madagascar.

2013_Madagascar_Teen_049Motorcycle Sunday School Mission (MSSM)

Well, to bring you up to date on the MSSM ministry here in Madagascar, we have four Circuits—two in the South and two in the North. Each Circuit consists of six Sunday schools, so at this moment we have 24 Sunday schools in Madagascar. In the beginning, we went through some struggles at one place when we introduced the ministry to the community. We usually started each week with very few kids and then more and more came, then the numbers would decrease and you would see the real number of those who are really thirsty for learning God’s Word. As we get more into the program, we do attendance and challenge the kids with a little gift for those who are faithful. We do quizzing and challenge them that the five best will be attending Boot Camp for free. Most kids are serious in learning their verses and they enjoy the challenges of quizzing. What we are seeing now is that the ministry has become part of the life of the people. Some offered to let the Circuit Riders use their school building to do the programs; others called for the Circuit Riders to teach the kids at their schools as well. I myself get the privilege of translating the Bible Sunday school lessons into Malagasy. I have seen the impact of this ministry in the people.

Prayer Requests:

–  Faithfulness in serving the Lord for all of us here (staff,

coordinators, BMW teachers, students)

–  Good health

–  Wisdom


–  Safe long travel (north to south and from south to north)

–  For Kathy (the assistant director) who came to visit us here

in Madagascar.  We enjoy the visits from the U.S. office.

–  For God’s provision

In Christ,


Liva, Nomena, Fanilo, Fidy, FiFi


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