Barber, Richard & Gina Newsletter (Spring 2014)

Barber Well we are now in Florida and busy at work with Teen Missions. It was a job getting to the point where we could finally make the move. Most of you know that we originally planned on trying to move last September, but the Lord had His own timetable which we were always open to. As we look back, we can see so many reasons why His plan was so different than ours. He knew we were to be grandparents again before we did, so we were able to be with Joe and Katie when little Keller was born. He is such a blessing and big sister, Julia, thinks he’s pretty great too. The Lord also knew that both of our parents would be selling their homes and moving as well. We all lived within walking distance of each other and we were able to plow their driveways and help when needed. My (Gina) parents now live close to two of my brothers and Richard’s parents will be closer to one of his brothers. Richard was able to complete all work he had lined up. It took quite awhile with the winter we had in Ohio, but it was all completed a few days before we moved. We are so grateful that God allowed us the time in Ohio to be with our family when they needed us. The business was a bit of a concern as we were preparing to leave. We were using all the heavy equipment to finish up a job one week before leaving for Florida. Everything was sold by Friday, except the bulldozer. We had hoped to be on the road Saturday morning, but there was just no way we were going to make it so we postponed our departure until Sunday. We are packing and loading the trailer with our household items when a gentleman stopped and asked about our dozer…he returned a couple hours later with cash to purchase the dozer! God is faithful. We have found a house here in Florida. Closing was April 17th and we moved in on the 19th. We had been looking online at homes and had a list of about ten homes we liked. Most of them had one-half acre lots, but the homes needed too much repair work.  The last home we looked at was the one. It has a larger residential lot and is move-in ready, with three bedrooms, two baths, room for Jon’s dog, Dozer, and a workshop in the back yard. Our son Jon moved to Florida with us; he was out of a job since he worked for Richard, so why not look in a warmer climate? He found a car the week we arrived, a 2004 Mustang, needless to say he is a happy camper. The only loose end in Ohio is to sell his truck. He had applied for a couple of jobs, but then Teen Missions approached him and asked if he would be willing to lead the Italy Backpack team this summer. It’s an opportunity he may never have again- backpacking in the Alps.  So, it looks like he will be looking for a job this fall. For those of you that know our entire family you may be wondering about our other boys. Jacob is in Ohio working and attending Ohio University – Lancaster. Josh is in the Navy and his family has orders to locate to Pensacola this fall. They were stationed there before; Josh and Michele always liked the area. The girls think it’s great that they will be living in the same state as Grandma and Grandpa; we’ve never been this close to each other before. Yes, Grandma is pretty happy about this too. We are still slated to go to the Holy Land this summer. We have 20 team members at this time.  Please pray for safety, health, and for the fundraising efforts for all of the teens and leaders. Thank you all for your support and prayers making it possible for us to be here.


In Christ,

Richard and Gina Barber


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