Petersen, Steve & Gay Newsletter (Spring 2014)


Dear Family and Friends,



Setting Up Big Top #1

The Big Tops have gone up and summer preparations are in full swing. Two life-sized replicas of the Old Testament Tabernacle are to be setup in May (one in Indianapolis, Indiana and one in Youngstown, Ohio). Each display presents the Gospel showing how Jesus Christ is represented in each part of the tabernacle design. I am scheduled to help on the crew headed to Indianapolis. Our staff have also begun our annual 40 days and nights of 24/7 prayer prior to the start of our First Boot Camp in June. I cover 6-7 AM and Gay covers 7-8 PM. I am teaching through the Minor Prophets during this term and continue to help with IT, web development and video/media projects. During Boot Camp, I teach Personal Evangelism to all team members and Advanced Evangelism for EV teams. I also serve as Boot Camp counselor. Gay is helping with meal preparation for the Bible School students and retreats. Gay also coordinates the Peanut Boot Camp for 7-9 year olds. Afterwards, Gay is scheduled to help teach phonics (how to teach phonics to children) for use by EV teams overseas.


Gay’s side of the family has experienced both joys and sorrows this winter. Her brother, Ron, is battling brain cancer and has struggled with swelling due to the chemo drugs and from a recent blood clot in his leg. Her mother, Joy, has been hospitalized with fluid around her lungs due to an infection. On the positive side, we enjoyed attending the wedding of Gay’s nephew, Jonathan Turner (welcome to the family Nasha!) and just learned that Amy Turner (niece) announced her engagement. Congratulations to both couples! At Jonathan’s wedding, we were also blessed to meet the two newest members of the family. Gay’s great niece, Eleanor, who was born October 16 and her great nephew, Hudson, who was born February 3. Timothy’s basketball team has enjoyed a great year and is undefeated so far. At 12 years old, he can now fit into Dad’s shoes and is as tall as his mom! Faith enjoys playing with friends, bike riding and the TMI pool now that it is warmer!


Easter Sunrise Service at the Beach!


We are currently scheduled to lead the Second Boot Camp Well Drilling Team to Malawi, Africa. The drilling rig is currently at sea. The container should be arriving in Africa soon for the overland journey through Mozambique to Malawi. We are assigned to a strongly Muslim area where one of our newest Bible Schools is now running among the Yao tribal group. Both Timothy and Faith are raising support to travel with us. They have been a blessing on each team and have been equally effective as young missionaries — participating alongside the teens in both work and evangelism.


Our third Boot Camp in Myanmar (formerly Burma) ran this spring with a total of 78 teens and 12 leaders on four different teams. In Cambodia, we are excited about our two newest Motorcycle Sunday School Circuits reaching remote areas with the Gospel. In Uganda, two of our Orphan Rescue Unit facilitators were in a head-on collision while traveling on their motorcycle. Both broke their legs and one was unconscious for several days. We praise the Lord that both are now on the road to recovery.


• Thousands around the world are hearing the Gospel in over 24 countries at our overseas bases and hundreds are being discipled to win others to Christ. To God be the glory!

• For the health and strength to be able serve the Lord full time with Teen Missions

• Timothy and Faith are such a joy and blessing to our lives… We are so thankful for their desire to follow the Lord and to serve alongside our teens.

Prayer Items:

• Continue to pray for Moses Ocen and Quinto Otema as they recover from their injuries in Uganda

• Pray for the container with our drilling rig to arrive on time in Malawi

• Pray for God’s anointing on the classes and messages at our summer Boot Camps

• Pray for safety, wisdom and love as we lead our teen team to Malawi this summer

• Pray that we would be a Christlike witness to the Muslim villages where we are assigned in Malawi

• For healing for Gay’s brother Ron as he battles brain cancer

Together in His Harvest,

Steve, Gay, Timothy & Faith Petersen

Is 6:8 / Heb. 11:1 / Phil 2:22&20 / Gal. 2:20


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