Powell, David & Becca Newsletter (Spring 2014)

Powell Staff NewsletterGreetings from Athens, Greece!

Happy Spring! This is such a beautiful time of year as we witness new life in God’s creation around us and celebrate together the resurrection of Jesus Christ. We are also rejoicing as we see new life and transformation in people’s lives that surrender their hearts to God. It is a miracle indeed to see the love of God manifest in such a tangible way and then to produce such incredible results. We have been in Athens about five months now and our family has seen ten Persians surrender their lives to the Lord. So many come here from countries that are closed to the Gospel and now they are hearing God’s Word for the first time, and His Word is not heard in vain but is alive and active, piercing the soul and drawing people to repentance.


Gabriela, Caleb and Meghan

In May we had the pleasure of hosting David’s mother and our niece, Meghan, from Colorado. They visited for two weeks and then went on to Israel to see Sarah. During their stay here in Athens, David had the privilege of baptizing Meghan in the Aegean Sea. It was a very special time for all of us. She is currently in the process of applying for a visa to come and serve with us here in Athens.

We have had several volunteers come from Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy and the US. It is always a pleasure to work with so many cultures as we join together with a heart for these Muslim refugees. It is beautiful to see so many talents brought together and so many eager hearts to serve. Some of our visitors love to sew and have been teaching the Afghan women to crochet. They also made a puppet stage for our children’s ministry. We had a team paint our children’s classroom and complete it with a wall mural and sew new curtains. We
have been able to offer German classes to the refugees for the last three months due to various volunteers. Becca continues to teach English classes and oversees the menu and the cooking in the kitchen every other week. Her primary responsibility is to coordinate the children’s ministry, ministering to an average of 30-60 children twice a week. David is leading our morning devotions for the eight men who currently live in the center. He is teaching our Bible studies for the believers every Tuesday and Friday evening and speaking at our services on Sunday and Wednesday evenings. These services are primarily evangelistic as approximately 85% of the attendants are Muslims and the other 15% are new believers who have been saved through this ministry. We continue to serve meals to 100-200 adults and approximately 50 children twice a week. Gabriela and Caleb are also actively serving alongside us. Gabriela has found great joy in playing the guitar during our children’s worship time. She loves leading the children in games and serving the meals. Caleb enjoys helping serve the meals upstairs to the adults and is so helpful with clean-up once the meals are over.

Finished Sunday School remodel

Finished Sunday School Remodel

God has truly brought our family into a place of abundance! Our hearts overflow with joy, thanksgiving and praise as we learn to walk in this new territory. It is full of challenges and opportunities, hills and valleys, but it is not without tremendous blessing that we are poured out as drink offerings unto the Lord’s service. We rejoice in His faithfulness and grace that never stops giving. His lovingkindness often overwhelms us as He allows us to be a part of His miracle working power. Hungry hearts come thirsting for the Living Water. The transformation from a religion of fear and shame that has bound the hearts of these precious ones is such a miracle to witness as God opens their eyes to His love and mercy, bringing a supernatural peace that only comes through our heavenly Father. “Therefore, if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed!”  John 8:36

We are all excited about our summer team with Teen Missions that will be arriving in Rome on July 7th. A small curve in the road has led our family to remain in Greece and go together to meet the team in Italy. Caleb and Becca will not be returning to Boot Camp in Florida this year, but we will all join up with the team and backpack along the Amalfi coast in Italy, evangelizing through drama, puppets, music and testimonies. Our team will participate with the work here in Athens among the refugees for the last two weeks. On August 6th the team will return to Florida and our family will remain here in Greece. We are expecting 26 youth this summer, 28 including Caleb and Gabriela, plus five leaders and a translator. This will be the largest team we have had yet!  Please keep us in your prayers as we embrace the adventures of this summer.

Together, Caleb and Gabriela need to raise about $3,000 to cover their travel, lodging and food expenses for the summer. God has always supplied our needs and built our faith through His faithful kindness. Thanks to so many of you who have generously given towards our family expenses, we have never lacked. We trust that God will again show His goodness through His provision for our family this summer. Thank you so much for your prayers and faithful support that builds us up in the faith. We pray that you would also be blessed with more than enough and that God would refresh your spirit through His Word.

Our visit with Sarah

Our Visit With Sarah

Prayer Requests:

Please pray for our summer team…safety, protection and breathtaking moments as God reveals Himself to these youth.

Pray for Sarah in Israel, to know the leading of the Lord as she continues to seek God for direction in her future.

Pray for each of us as we embrace the challenges of working with different cultures and learning new languages.

Pray for our visa application and processing for permission to remain in Europe.

In His Joy,

David, Becca, Gabriela and Caleb

David & Becca Powell




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