Smith, Loretta Newsletter (Spring 2014)

SmithL Staff NewsletterGreetings to all my Family, Friends, and Supporters:

P1010750It’s time for a newsletter and here I am trying to put something together before the deadline tomorrow…why did I wait so long to write? Well, lots of things have been happening here on the home front. My mom, who has been living with me for the last six months, fell in the sun room. I realized she couldn’t be home alone and needed more attention than I could give her. So the month of March was spent learning the routine and process to get her into assisted living. The paperwork was endless…so here I am doing a “late at night” letter…today I moved mom’s belongings into her new apartment with the help of a couple of young friends from here at the base. See the picture of our last load.

Let’s back-up to January: at a Pastors Conference on the East Coast, I worked the missions info booth for a few days. I really enjoyed the speakers and had lots of inquiries about our work around the world. I got to meet some of the guys from the Creation Museum and had great talks on creation vs. evolution!

P1010705Every third Friday, my local church has a missions night with a speaker. I was asked to tell my story of how I became a missionary, and where, and what I’ve been doing. I really love to encourage others that they are never too old to GO!

Teen Missions’ base is available for special events. As shown in the group picture, every spring break a group brings many underprivileged kids to go fishing in one of our lakes. They can canoe, hike and do an overnighter. At their service, we enjoyed seeing lots of smiles and heart-to-heart talks, and were thrilled that there were many salvations!

The Tabernacle tours have been gaining momentum. I start inside the display room with a miniature Tabernacle and my buddy Aaron, then I work my way out to the life-size replica. I love to give the tours; Christ in the Tabernacle, from Genesis to Revelation, the story is for all mankind. This life-size replica of the Old Testament Tabernacle has lots of bronze to be polished and guess who gets to do the rub-a-dub-dub, but with some help!

P1010724Sundays are my favorite time living on Merritt Island. On even months I teach 1st and 2nd graders with classes averaging 22, mostly boys…praise the Lord! On odd months I get the 5th-6th graders and they have many good questions!

As Boot Camp draws nearer, it is time for all the Big Tops to go up. These are circus size tents entirely pulled up with “man” and “woman” power…with lots of help from above! He sends a wind at just the right time to lift the tents as we set the poles…what a God we serve!

Also, we start setting up our other two Tabernacles in May. Not sure where God is sending us, possibly Indiana and Ohio. We need prayer as city fathers are getting head shy of anything that spells religion or could be an offense to anyone….PRAY!

Can’t believe how this letter has come together, hope it’s readable, and you see what I’m doing for God’s Kingdom as His servant. For those of you who support me in prayer and with finances thank you, thank you. You’re my team and I couldn’t be here without you. God is so good and I pray that He blesses each of you as you have blessed me in this ministry of ours.

In His Love,

Loretta Smith


1. He has found a place for momma.

2. My health is great and my feet are pain free.

Prayer requests:

1. Lord, where do you want me?

2. What am I to be doing?

3. What else do I need to do for my mother?

The Lord is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble: and He knows those who trust in Him. Nahum 1:7

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