Eyudu, Patrick & Jennipher Newsletter (Spring 2014)

Dear Friends,

We send you greetings from our family hoping you are doing well in the grace of God. We want to say a word of thanks to everyone who has endeavored to commit us in your prayers. We are serving the Lord with Teen Missions in orphan ministry at the Rescue Unit called TTT. We do a lot of things to make sure that children of today become better tomorrow in knowing the truth of our Lord Jesus Christ. My Bible tells me that if one comes to Christ all the angels above rejoice. While on the field we have come to learn some things about the orphans; they have many wounds and they sleep in a hut.

On our visitation days we meet a lot of challenges. One day I came to a widow, Anamo Regina. She is over 68 years old and she is keeping six orphans whose parents died of AIDS. We really pity her and we commit her into our daily prayer. If she can get sponsorship for these orphans, they won’t lack clothing, food and medication every week. Whenever I visit her, I encourage her and pray with her and teach these orphans about spiritual food where I always point to the cross from where we get deliverance.

Favour is our daughter’s name; she is one year and two months old. We are seeing her growing in God though she cannot talk. In most cases she doesn’t sleep without our prayer time; when she sleeps she will cry and when you say, “Let us pray,” you will see her sleeping quietly.  Favour wants to do everything her parents do. If her mother is cooking she also wants to be there.  We are seeing a young missionary growing in her as we teach her through involving her in family ministry. We try to give whatever we have at hand and I know she will be a giver just as the widow gave what she had and she was blessed. When the Adult team from the USA came to visit the orphans and wash the orphans’ feet, Favour saw it. When she came back with her babysitter she had gotten water and soap in her cup and she wanted to wash her mom’s feet. We asked ourselves, “Who gives all this wisdom?” Even when we were doing some construction, she could hold the spade together with me mixing mortar to build.

We really thank God for the Adult team that came, led by Kathy Vanderpool. They really blessed the orphans physically, spiritually and materially through washing the orphans’ feet and giving them shoes and stockings, nursing and bandaging wounds and sharing Bible stories with them. Not only that, the team wanted to bless us by constructing a toilet for the staff house. Marcella, Theresa, Lisa, Joseph, Matt and Kathy blessed the orphans and us, the facilitators, through endeavoring to stay in the hot sunshine mixing mortar and constructing a toilet/pit latrine. Finally I, Patrick, and the family, pen off by saying God bless Marcella and add to her years in the ministry. From her time in Uganda mixing mortar and concrete we could see she really has a heart for Ugandan orphans. We also want to thank Theresa for endeavoring nursing for one girl called Angela who had many wounds. We also thank Matt, Joseph and Lisa who mixed mortar and concrete and simply all around building of the latrine/toilet. Lastly, thanks to Kathy who endeavored to wake very early and went to sleep late to make sure the team fed well. We give God glory for everything you offer to us. May God reward your families, churches and the nation as well.


 Patrick & Jennipher



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