Odea, Moses Newsletter (Spring 2014)

Dear Friends,

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is good to be working with God. He always makes a way when you cannot see the way and I give God 100% thanks for making me who I am today.

I am working with the orphans in Koboko in Uganda by the border of three countries: Uganda, Congo and Sudan. When wars started in Congo and in Sudan, many refugees came around where we are and our property was full of refugees. Every day they kept coming and the water which is in our property base is the one they have been drinking. We find that it is important because water is life and whoever is feeling like getting water for drinking from this base is free to come and take water and also the community around here is free to take water. That is why when the refugees come we give them water. We know that God kept these people alive for His own glory, so we are praying for God’s protection upon these people. There is now the word that the wars are winding down, although the refugees are still in the camp near us (10 km away). The important thing is that we are giving. I know in the time to come these people will be our friends and we are helping to save life, which opens the way of having friends and having a good relationship with God. The Word of God is living in my life and I believe it is also living in you as we care for the people who are having problems. When you see someone who has nothing coming to the home which God provided you looking for help, you will even give what you are eating to save their life. It caused me to give out what the Lord provided for me through your support which you have given me in this place. I am requesting your prayer and your support with me as the Lord Jesus has blessed you.

Here in Koboko I have been doing visitation of the orphans at home. One time when I was going for home visitation, I came to the home of six orphans, by name: Joy, Dan, Ejang, Joy Akida, Kilara and Solomon. The mother, which they live with, has HIV/AIDS. To some they rent the house. I do counsel these people who have HIV/AIDS; they are the guardians who take care of the orphans which we have here from the House of Justice Rescue Unit. Another thing I am doing in this ministry, because some of our orphans could not have a good grass house, I have been digging the soil and mixing with water and I make blocks for the orphans’ house so that they do not sleep in the street. All that I am doing is so that God has His way in their life. The orphans for which I have been doing house repairing, by name are: Gift, Joice and Patrick. I am still continuing with my work of helping them for God’s glory.

Although I am the one who is following up with the orphans and doing this ministry here I feel like we are one in Jesus Christ in this life ministry which I am doing in this place. That is why I am asking you to pray with me and to stand with me in support as I do this ministry. It will give glory to God and you will be a blessing as my friend who is standing with me. I will be praying for you a blessing as long as God is keeping you where you are. In all this, I give God glory and I thank God for you, my dear friends. The distance doesn’t matter, in God we are one, so thank you. Your support is important to me for God’s glory and your help is from the Lord who made heaven and the earth (Psalm 121:1-8). May the name of the Lord be praised in all of you. Thank you all my dear sisters and brothers who are in Christ and who are called in the name of the Lord. May God be with and may you be with me at all times in this. Thank you.

In Christ,

Moses Odea


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