Aronson, Emery & Linda Newsletter (Spring 2014)

AronsonGreeUntitled 1tings,

The summer is fast approaching.  There are just over 600 people getting ready for Boot Camp.  I am so excited that one of them will be my granddaughter, Ava—she will be going on the Mustard Seeds Team with me. I can’t wait! She and the rest of the kids are going to have fun with the “Kings and Queens” theme. We will have stories about different kings and queens in the Bible. The Big Top Tent is up and is getting decorated as a castle.

Emery has been busy working in the Print Shop and cleaning up the place, plus going through old papers from back in the 1970’s and 80’s. He is trying to get them organized by years to see what we have. It is fun for him to see old pictures, paperwork, forms and remember faces from back then. Now we are getting ready for Boot Camp, so he has been outside working on different projects that need to be done before the kids arrive. This summer Emery has been asked to help drive the bus for the Old West Parks Team to Arizona. Pray for the team as they do different evangelizing at the parks and camps.

100_5919The Finance Department has been busy as we process all the funds for each team member and leader participating on the summer teams.  It is exciting to see the money come in and know that God is providing for each one who is coming this summer.

Aiden had his second birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese’s. Both he and Ava loved playing the games and the horse ride and of course the slide. We got him a work bench like his daddy and grandpa. He also got a slide of his own, which he loves going up and down.

We went to a store called Bass Pro Shops, they were having a “go fishing day”. They set up a pool in the store and stocked it with fish.  The kids went fishing and with help Aiden caught a good size catfish.  They took pictures of them for a souvenir.  At the store the kids tried out a boat for size. How about this one for my birthday grandpa, I’ll let you ride too!

100_5857In closing we would like to share testimonies from two of Teen Missions bases overseas.

Testimony from Honduras:

While here at the Bible school, the students are involved in ministries each weekend.  Mary, Brayan, and Kevin go to the High School in San Isidro each Saturday afternoon and play games and then give a message from the Bible.  The rest of the students
are helping three different churches in the areas of evangelism, restoration, and small home groups.  Two of the churches we are working with (one in San Isidro and the other in Campo Llano) have gone through difficult circumstances and were about to shut down.  The students have been visiting families, encouraging and evangelizing others to bring the church, the body of Christ, back to life in Him.  Please remember these ministries in your prayers because we really are reaching out to a large number of people and lives are being changed for God’s glory!

Testimony from House of Joel Rescue Unit in Malawi:

We would like to give a testimony of Banald.  This boy is a registered orphan and he stays with his mother in poor family status.  For him to get food he used to have to go for cultural dance (gule wamkulu) in which they use African magic.  He would receive money from doing the dances, this is how his family got food.  He had been doing this practice for long time to earn his living, but one day, after attending Sunday school and realizing that Christ cares for us and that He will provide needs to everyone who seeks Christ, he gave his life to Christ.  Now he is a changed person.

We are so grateful for the faithful prayers and support of so many through the years.  It is a great blessing for us to be here and serve the Lord with Teen Missions.

The Aronsons


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