Bauman, Adam & Amyann Newsletter (Spring 2014)

BaumanGreetings in the Name of Jesus,

Happy Baby

Happy Baby

Since our last newsletter we have been enjoying spending time with our daughter, Mikayla, and look forward to seeing what wonderful things God will do this summer. We are so amazed with how much God has blessed us and we pray God’s blessings over you as you read this letter and throughout the rest of this year.

Growing Baby

Mikayla is getting so big. At her four-month check-up she weighed 17 pounds and was 25 ¼ inches long. She has been scooting and has started rolling. She also has now found her thumb and thinks it is quite tasty (along with anything else she has been able to get a hold of). Look out world, here she comes! She is learning so much and has the cutest smile. Her interests are watching Baby Mozart, sucking on everything she comes in contact with and yelling to see what kind of noise she can make and how long she can make it! She is now teething and has been handling it by snuggling with Mommy, which I don’t mind at all.

Mikayla with Friends

Mikayla with Friends

Summer Plans

We are still scheduled for the Preteen Team to Indiana in July. Before we do that we will help around Boot Camp to get the kids ready for the field. During First Boot Camp, Adam will be leading a Peanut Team (a group of 7-9 year olds for a week), I will be teaching Puppets and Balloons and Mikayla will be with the other staff kids in Munchkin Missions. During Second Boot Camp, I will be in Munchkin Missions with Mikayla and Adam will mostly be with our Indiana Team. This summer will be a bit different because we are now parents, so please pray for safety, provision and that we will be able to be fine leaders and parents without getting overwhelmed. We want to be a blessing and an encouragement to the people leading with us and a good witness to those we minister to.

Until Then

Until the summer comes, Adam will be working outside helping get the property ready for the kids by putting up the Big Top tents, where we have night rallies and some classes, setting up the Obstacle Course and various other Boot Camp preparations. Please pray for him physically as this is a lot of hard work. I usually stay at home with Mikayla, but sometimes I bring her with me to Teen Missions to work in the Puppet Department.

Daddy and Daughter Time

Daddy and Daughter Time

Growing Up

Our daughter is not the only one learning and growing. God has been teaching Adam and me patience, self-control and how to love and serve others. This past year has been a huge blessing and challenge for me. Since being married and having a child, I have to die to myself daily (and nightly). When Mikayla is hungry I am the only one who can give what she needs. Every once and awhile I get tired of not being able to sleep through the night and not being able to get much done throughout the day, but I love that girl so much—she is more than worth it. We as humans are constantly in need of something and just like I am the only one who can meet Mikayla’s nutritional needs, God is the only one who can meet our emotional and spiritual needs, which He does willingly out of love.

Adam is so good about sharing responsibilities with the baby.  Without Adam helping me, parenting would be much harder. That helps me visualize how God loves us each day regardless of the time it takes or the price it cost.  Adam chooses each day to be a good dad, just like God is willing to be a Father to anyone who calls on Him. I thank God for His willingness to help me with my challenges throughout the day (like Adam does with me) and to comfort me and be there for me when I need a Heavenly Father to lean on (like Adam does with Mikayla).

Thank you for your loving prayers and support.  

Under His Care,

Adam, Amyann and Mikayla


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