Chale, David & Janet Newsletter (Spring 2014)

Chale Staff Newsletter

One thing have I asked of the Lord, that will I seek after: that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to gaze upon the beauty of the Lord and to inquire in His temple.

Psalm 27:4

Dear Family and Friends,

Janet, Michael and I are sending you our warm greetings from the warm heart of Africa, Malawi.

Here in Malawi, we are in the part of the year that 75% of the population gets to smile for a while. We are in the season that our farm produce is being harvested and sold. It is the time that most of the Malawians get to see a bit more money in their hands. It is the season that people flock to big shops in the cities or they get to go to open markets to buy clothing for their families. It is the part of the year that businesses make huge profits.

Although it is a time to be excited, it is also sad to note that many poor Malawians are suffering secretly.

Chiyao BMW Staff Picture Nov'13

Mangochi Staff

• 80% of the Malawian farmers have farms with loans. It is unfortunate that the companies offering these loans have very high interest rates.

• The buyers of the farm produce usually offer very low prices that cause our farmers to earn very little income and they find themselves in the negative financially.

• The cost of most of the things in the market now is expensive considering that farmers are in their selling season. Therefore most of the business people intend to cheat the common Malawian and rip them off.

All in all, Malawi is a wonderful country. The Malawian people are friendly and love to smile, but Malawians believe that problems are 95% part of their life. Generally, the wealth in Malawi is not evenly distributed. Regardless of Malawi being the “warm heart of Africa”, Jesus remains the biggest need. When Christ starts reigning in the lives of many Malawians, things will change to the best. We all have a good smile, but most are without love.

Great things are continuing to happen here in Mangochi. There are several ministries that we are carrying out. Here are some the things that have happened since our last update.

Chiyao BMW Class 2013-2014 2

Mangochi Students


Currently, we have 24 students. 15 students are in their second year, therefore they will be commissioned in July this year for their year of internship. When the 15 students are gone, there shall be nine students remaining who will also be going into their second year. We are hoping to recruit 11 more students to start their first year. There are already at least 20 applications and more pouring in. During the Boot Camp ministry in July through August, we will interview all the applicants and hopefully the eligible ones will successfully be accepted into the program.

On August 02, 2014, we will be having our third graduation function since the time we started operating the school here in Mangochi. Five students will be graduating after completing their internships successfully and 15 students will be commissioning after successfully completing their two years of Bible classes here at school. It is going to be a graduation of 20 students. We are praying for a very colorful ceremony.


There are several ministries that we are carrying out with our students. Every weekend we send students out for door-to-door outreach. Our area has 12 villages, namely: Machemba, Chikwatu, Pagona, Msosa, Chipereka, Dimu, Liguluche, Maliro, Mtamba, Matwani, Mikundi and Chimbende.

Each village has got an average population of not less than 1,000 people. Each and every village has got its own mosque, apart from Mikundi and Chimbende of which have two per each. If you add up that, it comes up to 14 mosques in 12 villages. But there are only four churches in all these 12 villages. In Maliro village, there is an Anglican church with an average attendance of 30 people. In Msosa village, there is a Roman Catholic Church with an average attendance of 30 people. In Machemba village, there is a CCAP church with an average attendance of 15 people and in Chimbende village, there is an Anglican church with an average attendance of 25 people.

It is this type of community that we are reaching out to with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Every Saturday evening from 6 pm through 9 pm we get to show them a film out of the many films that Teen Missions produced in many countries for evangelism. We move from one village to another every weekend. An average of  200 people comes to attend these services every Saturday during the weekend.

We are also carrying out a small school for children. The children coming range in age from 5 to 15 years. We are teaching them how to read and write. We are also teaching them mathematics along with Bible stories. Every term we have two students assigned to carry out the school lessons. The school is done three times in a week. There is an average attendance of 40 kids coming for classes every week. Usually we divide them in three classes. We are so thankful to God to see how much our students are impacting in the lives of these little ones.

In addition, we are also continuing carrying out a Sunday School program in three locations namely; Chipereka, Chikomwe and Chimbende. We are continuing getting an overwhelming response from the locations mentioned. In the beginning of this year, we brought together the kids from all three locations for a grand fellowship and we presented to them special gifts of clothing from Teen Missions in Florida. They all left with big smiles.

By the way, we also have a full MSSM circuit coming in July this year. There are six locations already set up. Two of our graduates will be assigned to be teaching Sunday School classes in all those six Islamic villages. They will be travelling by a Motorcycle every day, from one village to another, up until the entire circuit is completed. The beginning of every week they start all over again. We are so excited because of this ministry. The impact of it is just amazing and we can not wait to start it.


Mangochi Boot Camp


We are currently busy working on all preparations for our 2014 Lord’s Boot Camp ministry. We shall be having six teams of 20 members per team. Five teams will be going out to five different locations outside our base. We will be getting 80 kids who happen to be top quizzers from our Sunday School ministries in Rescue Units and MSSM Circuits. Each location will send us five top quizzers. Forty kids will come from different churches. We have designed a registration form that they will have to fill out in order to be enrolled in the program. Pray for us—that our Boot Camp ministry will change the lives of many people.

Before I close this letter, I do want to acknowledge the labour of our dear brother in Christ, Denis Beneteau, from Canada, who was here in the month of January to help with the work. He spent all his time sharing the Gospel to masses of people in this community. He also taught some Bible classes on how the students could defend their faith. His church of LSA also contributed a lot of funds toward some of our projects and ministry needs. We are so thankful because of his love for this ministry and we are looking forward to seeing him again soon.

Finally, we are grateful to all of you who have been faithful in praying for our ministry and supporting us financially. Our financial support has almost doubled. It is the year that the Lord has shown us great favor!

Be blessed and enjoy the Easter celebrations.


1) Progress on the Chiyao BMW construction

2) Growth of the school

3) Privilege to work among Muslims

4) Provision of our daily needs

5) Prayer and financial support

Prayer requests:

1) Safety as we work on the building

2) More prayer and financial supporters

3) More passion for the lost souls

4) Softened hearts to the Gospel recipients

5) Provision of our daily needs

In Christ’s Service,

David, Janet and Michael Chale

Psalm 27:4


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