Chicas, Francisco & Kathy Newsletter (Spring 2014)


Chicas Staff NewsletterDear Friends and Family,

DSC06073How are you doing? We pray that you are well and that God’s great love and mercy is transforming your lives just as it ours so that we may all bring glory, praise and honor to Him even in the difficult situations in life. (Eph. 3:13-21, I Peter 1:7)

In our last newsletter, we said that the next one would have the results of the Boot Camp-–so here they are! Two of the teams were construction projects; one did landscaping, painting, and concrete while the other learned how to make mud bricks and then laid them to make a platform in a church. All four teams did evangelism – in city parks and door-to-door. They used dramas, puppets, clowning and personal testimonies to share God’s Word in the four different areas of Honduras where they were located. As a result, seven people rededicated their lives to Jesus Christ and 128 children and adults prayed to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior! Praise God for this and also pray for the new believers to be strengthened and grow in their love and knowledge of the Lord.

The next chapter in the story of the gangs in San Pedro Sula is a sad one – we must continue in prayer. One of the teams was in the neighborhood where Pastillita was the gang leader, and the team was planning to do evangelism. Before the team even made it there, we received the news that Pastillita had been killed! Besides the sorrow that he probably died without Christ in his heart, it was also discouraging because without a leader, no evangelism would be allowed. The window of opportunity had closed, the door was shut, once again. The team had to do evangelism in other areas. Since that time, we have not heard any news, except that the fighting continues because two different gangs want to take control of the same neighborhood.

Back at the Teen Missions base for Debrief, we had time for testimonies of what God had done, not only in the communities where each team was located, but also in the lives of the team members themselves. We would like to share with you the words of Kelsy Alejandra, whose testimony is repeated by most team members, “I give thanks to God for having chosen me to go on a Teen Missions team. It was a place of great blessing…I learned to appreciate my food and my mother and so many things, and to be able to talk about God’s Word at any time without being embarrassed, because the joy of the Lord is my strength…” At the end of Debrief, 53 people made commitments to serve God full-time in their future! Praise to God and pray that these people will be faithful and obedient to whatever God asks them to do.

February 15th, the same day that Abi was celebrating her 5th birthday, was the arrival day for new students. Although there were several others who wanted to come, but were not able to get the required permission, there were four young men who did come to start the two-year Bible School program. With the six returning from last year, that makes a total of 10 students for this school year. We do praise the Lord for each person that God has brought to train here and we ask your prayers for them to be willing to be molded and refined into the men and women that God can use to proclaim the Gospel boldly. (Eph.6:19)


2014 Teen Missions Honduras BMW Student Body

While here at the school, the students are involved in ministries each weekend. Mary, Brayan, and Kevin go to the High School in San Isidro each Saturday afternoon and play games and then give a message from the Bible. The rest of the students are helping three different churches in the areas of evangelism, restoration, and small home groups. Two of the churches we are working with (one in San Isidro and the other in Campo Llano) have gone through difficult circumstances and were about to shut down. The students have been visiting families, encouraging and evangelizing others to bring the church, the body of Christ, back to life in Him. Please remember these ministries in your prayers because we really are reaching out to a large number of people and lives are being changed for God’s glory! At the same time, God has been giving Chico many opportunities to share the Gospel. It really is from God, because during this time that he has not been allowed to enter the gangs area, he has been invited to preach in several other locations where there have been many non-Christian people. We give praise to God for the opportunities and ask your prayers that Chico will always be able to speak as God leads and that those who are listening will be drawn to Jesus.

_MG_5470On the homefront, Samuel and Abi continue homeschooling with Kathy, while Daniel has started attending a bilingual High School in Santa Cruz. While we believe it is the best thing for him at this time, it has been a very difficult adjustment for Daniel. Because they are on the Honduran school schedule (running February – November) that means Daniel will not be able to go on a missions trip this summer, which he is disappointed about. So, we would appreciate your prayers for him. Maybe he will draw closer to the Lord while he is separated from family this summer. Samuel, on the other hand, has signed up for the Malawi Preteen Team that will be planting trees for orphanages. He is hoping and praying that he will be able to go on the team this summer because he enjoys the experiences and he likes being able to help others at the same time. If you would like to donate towards this trip, he would greatly appreciate it! (If you attend SEC, please turn donations in to the church. If not, then please send them directly to Teen Missions. Although the paperwork directs you to mail it to the team member, being overseas complicates the matter.)

Abi is very excited to be going on her first team…Mustard Seeds! This program lasts only four days, but gives a foundation of missions to children who are 4-6 years old. Kathy will be with her throughout the program, and immediately finishing that, Chico and Kathy will be leading the Honduras team. The plan for the team is to do a construction project and VBS program with the children of an orphanage outside of San Pedro Sula. We would appreciate your prayers that the team would have a positive impact wherever we go and that God would speak to the team members in a personal and powerful way that their lives may never be the same!IMG_8485 Also, please pray for us leaders—for strength and good health and godly leadership throughout the duration of the seven weeks of the team.

Our verse for this season of ministry is John 4:34. “Jesus saith unto them, My meat is to do the will of him that sent me, and to finish his work.” Please pray with us that we will be faithful to do what God has asked us to do. And from the depths of our hearts, we thank you for your prayers and support of our family while we continue in the ministry where God has us at this time.

Together in Christ,

Francisco, Kathy, Daniel, Samuel and Abigail Chicas



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