Chimbila, Nelson & Maggie Newsletter (Spring 2014)

Chimbila Staff NewsletterDear Friends,

Untitled-2We send our warm greetings to you in Jesus’ name. We would like to thank you for the support that you render to us towards the ministry that we are doing here in Uganda. The Lord has been so good to us as we are serving Him.

We thank God for the gift of our children who are really growing very fast. They are fine and performing well at school. During the first week of April we celebrated our daughter’s birthday at her school and how ceremonious and colorful it was. She turned five years old and our son turned three on April 29.


In February we were blessed and excited to have an Adult Team from the States visit us. It was a Foot-Washing Team led by Kathy Vanderpool, the Assistant Director of Teen Missions International. The team travelled to Kaberamaido, which we call the Promised Land, across the lake in the Eastern part of Uganda. How great and joyous it was for the children who welcomed the team—it was really such a blessing to them. The team shared the Gospel through playing games, music, and having phonics classes. Many children came daily, some with wounds, and they treated each of them and blessed them with shoes. How joyous it was for the children because some of them had never had the opportunity of wearing shoes.


This is a ministry for the women within the community whereby they come to the base three times a week to learn sewing skills. They make bags using African material and kitenges. Through learning the trade of tailoring, they will have a source of income to help them. It is a way of getting to know the women. Usually, before the classes begin, we have Bible studies. The ministry began on March 17th of this year. As we are cutting and sewing, we share life stories. Unto the glory of God, one lady, by the name of Sarah, gave her life to Christ.


Kalange Joy is one of the ladies who comes for the tailoring classes. She is 61 Untitled-4years old. She told her husband that she was going to tailoring classes, but he refused and laughed at her saying that she was too old to attend and he would send their granddaughter, but she insisted on going. After a period of time, she was able to make a bag and one time, the son was sent by her husband to check on what she was doing and prove whether she really made that bag. So when the son came, he witnessed himself his mother at work and proved that truly she was the one who made it. Now the husband stopped making fun of her and instead encouraged her to continue attending. “I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS ME.” PHILIPPIANS 4:13


Students have been busy doing effective ministry at primary schools in phonics, music, games, memory verses and quizzing. Currently, we are having five Sunday schools, namely:

1. 0-8

2. 0-5

3. Nakabango Main base

Children at Valley View During MSSM Program

Children at Valley View During MSSM Program

4. Nakabango Valley View

5. Nakabango Mindset

This program has been a great influence on the lives of the children within the schools that we visit and we receive reports from the teachers of how much they really appreciate the work that we are doing within the community.


The ministry has been welcomed in this school and not only has it impacted the lives of the children, but also the lives of the teachers. We had one of our students, Elijah, who had an opportunity of sharing the Gospel to the teachers and two of them gave their lives to Christ.


Our training at our Bible School is not only academic, but also in

Cabbages and Beans

Cabbages and Beans

agriculture. The Lord has blessed us with 24 students, up from the 13 we had last year, thus improving on our work. We had agricultural training where we learned about organic farming. After the training, we planted greens around the main house, instead of flowers, because not only do they beautify the house, but also add value. Through these projects, they will help us on our food budget.

Thank you for continous support in prayer and encouragement.

Anniversary: 14th June


Nelson: 28th May

Maggie: 6th December

Promise: 5th April

Praise: 29th April

Prayer Requests:

Wisdom in leadership

Good health and protection

Open doors for ministry

In His Service,

Nelson, Maggie, Promise and Praise


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