Deegan, Sean & Sharon Newsletter (Spring 2014)

Deegan Staff NewsletterDearest Friends and Family,

Blessings in the name of our Lord Jesus. We hope that your Easter celebrations were memorable and spent with friends and family. We have had a wonderful year thus far and are looking forward to sharing it with you.

20140215_075822The kids have not ceased to grow and are constantly keeping us on our toes with how much they are changing, not just physically but in personality too. Cailyn will be three in September. We cannot believe just how fast this petite little bundle is growing. She certainly has the personality of the youngest child and believes she is the princess of the three kids. That doesn’t last long with the other two. She is quite a cutie though and Aiden is very protective of her. Aiden will be five in June and is a solid little man. He loves playing with his sisters and telling stories just the way he sees it in his mind. He is very imaginative and fun and keeps a smile on our faces. He is attentive only for a while when doing his reading lessons but is learning quite quickly. He is doing really well with his other school work and will hopefully be starting kindergarten next year. Kieley is seven going on 13 and continues to amaze us with her growth in the Lord. She loves learning and reading has become a 20131028_175757wonderful hobby for her along with making bracelets and cross-stitching. She joined a sweet group called American Heritage Girls last year and has made a lot of friends. She earns different badges and awards while going on various camping and field trips. Kieley has also started running with her Daddy. She first did a 3k race at the zoo in February and did very well on her time. In March, she did a St. Patrick’s Day 5k and won first place in her age group! Her time was just over 30 minutes. She ran another 5k for Easter with her Daddy and Aunt Charlotte. After the 5k, there was a big easter egg hunt for all the kids.

Sean just had a big birthday. He turned 30 the day before Easter, the same day of the 5k. His family came down for the week and we spent a weekend at Disney. It was a fun visit; the kids loved it!

Kieley has signed up for a peanut team this year. She is hoping to be on the Cookie Command team. She will be staying the week on the property in tents and will be doing the obstacle course and classes with her team. Her project is baking cookies for the local fire stations and nursing homes with special messages on them and delivering them throughout the week. She is very nervous for her first year as a peanut but we know that she will do very well with the Lord’s help. This year will also be the first year that Aiden can do Mustard Seeds. We are hoping to find someone that would do it with him, but haven’t yet. We are hoping to soon.

Sean has been enjoying the work in the video department and is really looking forward to the type of footage they will be getting this Boot Camp. They have been blessed to be able to purchase a mini helicopter fitted with a GoPro camera. The Video Department has been brainstorming about all the different footage they can get. It is going to be a very fun Boot Camp for them.

20140301_150918I have been asked to work with the older Munchkin Missions group. During Boot Camp, the staff kids are placed into our own little daycare called Munchkin Missions and are divided by age groups. The group I have been asked to help with is ages seven and up. This will be Kieley’s first year in that age group and it will give me a chance to keep an eye on her at the same time.

We have been asked to lead the Arizona Old West Parks team. We will be driving a bus with our team across the states to Arizona and will be doing evangelism in various state parks as well as volunteering at Indian Reservations in the area. We are really looking forward to this and seeing all the sites with the kids. One of the stops will be at the Grand Canyon, which I have never seen, and we know the kids are going to love it this summer.

We want to thank you all for taking the time to read what has been going on in our lives and for all the prayers that have been lifted up for us. We thank you all for your support, both prayer and financial and know that we could not be here without it. Please keep us in your prayers as our children grow. That we may have the wisdom and knowledge in raising and disciplining. Thank you all for everything and may the Lord bless you all this summer!

The Deegan Family


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