Evans, Amanda Newsletter (Spring 2014)

Evans Staff NewsletterHey Everyone,

DSCN6104I wrote my last newsletter while I was in Canada. I have been back in the States for a month now and it’s great to be back in Florida. My time in Canada was good, even when it was very cold, but I got used to it (most of the time). My experience in Canada was great and I learned a lot. I’m very thankful to all of the people I met—they made me feel welcome. One thing I realized is that I wouldn’t want to live in Canada all the time as it is too cold and there is too much snow!

Boot Camp is around the corner—about one month to go!!! Here at Teen Missions we are setting up Boot Camp. We have been busy putting up all of the Big Top tents along with the Obstacle Course, Boot
Camp office, etc. There are over 600 people signed up for the summer.

This year I’m going on the Honduras Orphanage team with 28 team members and three other leaders. We will be going to an orphanage where
we will build a much-needed addition. We may also run a VBS program for the orphans as well as share with them the love of Jesus through music, puppets and dramas. My main responsibility will be cooking for the team members. I will also be teaching classes and counseling. I am also looking forward to spending some time with the orphans. After our time in Honduras, we return to Florida for a few days of Debrief. Please pray as I must raise $2090 to go on this trip. If you feel the Lord leading you to help me with my support or to pray for me, please fill out the coupo2010_Honduras_07n below. Also, please pray for unity among our leadership and team, health and safety while traveling and that I will be an example of Christ in my actions and attitudes.

I want to thank everyone that is supporting me financially and prayerfully.  I know that I could not be serving in this ministry if itwere not for your prayers and sacrificial giving. THANK YOU!

Just to let you know that I have recently moved houses so my new address is: 242 Heavenly St, Merritt Island, FL  32953

God Bless!!


-I was able to financially pay for a root canal that I needed done.

-Great friends and family

Prayer Requests:

-That I can get a car

-I have had to have other dental work done, so finances to cover that.


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