Lane, Bob & Betty Newsletter (Spring 2014)

Lane Staff NewsletterGreetings in the blessed name of Jesus!  We pray this letter finds you all enjoying the best of health and the love, joy and peace of Jesus filling your lives.

Untitled 2Sunday, March 9th, I rushed Betty to the hospital with complaints of an earache and high fever. After many blood tests and x-rays, they ruled out a stroke, but found she had mastoiditis, which is an infection of the mastoid bone, just below her right ear. They admitted her and started treating her with antibiotics. In the days that followed, Dr. Abbas, an infectious disease doctor did more tests and found she had strep pneumonia, an infection of the blood. The doctor inserted a pinch line into Betty’s right upper arm and followed a vein to just above her heart. (About 18”). They used it to inject another antibiotic. She received this medication for two full weeks. One week at the hospital and one week at home, under home care, she also received physical therapy to help her walk. She had a hard time keeping her balance.

Friday evening, the 29th of March, Betty’s blood pressure spiked over 200. The doctor told us to take her to the hospital. The nurse check her blood pressure and it was 210. She was given more tests and they found she had a bladder infection. The doctor gave her a new type of medicine which brought her blood pressure back down. We stayed there for hours to make sure she was OK. She was instructed to call her doctor on Monday and to keep monitoring her pressure. On Monday the doctor changed her medicine to see how that would work. It has leveled off for now, thank God. Her sickness had me worried. She is still using the walker to walk. Betty is eating more now and we have had some very nice meals from the staff ladies and ladies from our Sunday School. We thank God for friends that care. Thank you for your prayers. They mean so much to us.

Being a caretaker keeps me busy with all the jobs of keeping a house running. Betty is not too sure of the meals I prepare for her, especially the smoothies. She always wants to know what I put into them! She wants no surprises!

Untitled 1It is a beautiful time of year here in Florida as we look out our front window. Our Easter lilies are in bloom, the oak trees have shed their brown coat and put on a bright green one. The smell of the orange blossoms is so sweet; our mango, papaya and avocado trees have new fruit. In our garden, the tomatoes and collard greens will soon be ready to harvest along with our beets, cabbage, peppers and cucumbers. It is just a small garden, but we enjoy the fruit of our labor. It amazes me that this time of the year is when the flowered pine tree puts on new buds that look like little crosses as nature declares the glory of the resurrection of our Lord Jesus. Do I hear a Praise God?!

Boot Camp is coming! All five Big Tops are up, including Big Top #1 which can seat 2000. It usually takes us all day with all the staff and volunteers to set up Big Top #1; however, this year we got Big Tops #1 and #2 set up that day. The cooks served a BBQ lunch. At this time, there are around 700 teens and leaders registered for the summer.

I had surgery to replace my ankle on April 22. I hope to be up and ready for Boot Camp. The doctors told me I will be in a hard cast six to eight weeks. Our neighbor has an electric wheelchair I can use that will help me get around at camp if need be. Haven’t missed a Boot Camp in 35 years! This will be our 35th year with Teen Missions. What a blessing God has given us in this ministry. Betty and I won’t be traveling as much as we have in the past, but there is plenty for us to do at the home office. It has been a wonderful journey for Betty and I working side by side these many years. We have asked each other if there was anything other than Teen Missions that we would rather do and the answer is always NO! Teaching these teens is so rewarding – to witness the life-changing results. We both thank God for using us. Not only here in Florida, but with teens in many other countries.

We plan on staying in the race that God has called us to do. Thanks for your prayers on our behalf. Betty and I pray each day for you.

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Love to All,

Bob & Betty Lane


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  1. hello how are you? im so happy to find your page and i hope you come back to peru we love you lord bless you,

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