Myers, Anthony & Shawna Newsletter (Spring 2014)

Myers Staff NewsletterWe received a sad report from our base in Koboko, Uganda. Two of our staff riding a motorcycle were hit head on by an oncoming driver. One of them has a broken leg and the other has one leg broken in three places and was unconscious for six days after the accident, which happened on April 5th. They have the man who hit them in custody. The roads around our TMI bases overseas can be very dangerous at times. Please PRAY that God will heal them quickly; also pray for the man who hit them, his state of mind, and salvation. Teen Missions has more than 150 staff members overseas who are facing situations like this daily. Your prayers are valuable for the staff and students here as well as overseas.

Back here on the home front, activity is gearing up for our summer Boot Camps! April is the month for putting up our Big Top tents. Every Wednesday, we have been raising one or two of the six we have to put up. Big Top 1, our largest, went up on April 16. Once they go up, we need to load them with chairs, sound/video equipment, lighting, registration equipment, etc. So the work is just beginning! There are over 700 excited teens and God-fearing leaders registered for this summer. Leaders start to arrive on June 1, which isn’t too far away. We appreciate your prayers—for safety in travel, wisdom for leaders, work on the projects, interaction with nationals, and everything involved with the summer ministry. The world and these kids will NEVER be the same after this summer’s experience with God!

We are looking forward to being on summer staff this year and receiving the reports of how the Lord is working with the teams. We have a work group coming after Boot Camp, so Anthony will be keeping them busy. Soon after that, the teams will start returning for Debriefs. This year the Debriefs are much larger than in the past. One of them will have close to 300 people in it, so we will be getting the rooms ready, ordering food, preparing for the classes, maintaining the grounds, and lots more. We will also be posting the weekly reports that the teams send in on the internet. This will allow parents to stay up to date with their child’s team progress. We’ll also keep up with the 32 bases overseas as they are still running during that time. We appreciate your prayers for the summer
staff and for the daily decisions that need to be made while teams are out.

102_0743_3We have enjoyed having a number of visitors this spring. We had a wonderful visit from Adam and Angela Peck. Adam was on a team with Anthony to Tanzania in 1989! They have had a little contact since then, but this is the first time they got together. We really enjoyed showing them Teen Missions (a lot has changed since 1989!) and sharing the evening together. We were blessed! We also had a couple from Anthony’s church come to visit and volunteer for a few days. My (Shawna) brother and sister-in-law also dropped by for a long weekend. Anthony’s parents came for two weeks. It was nice to have them here and they were able to help get some things done around the house as well as relax a little. Lord willing, they will be coming back down for Jessie’s graduation on May 26th.

Anthony and I celebrated our 22nd anniversary on March 28th and were able to get away to Daytona Beach for the weekend, 102_0699thanks to a special friend of ours! It was nice to be able to walk on the beach, talk, and slow the pace down a little, especially with the summer coming up. This spring also marks Anthony being with TMI for 23 years and I have been on staff for 31 years. It is hard to believe! The time has flown by and the Lord has blessed us immensely during this time.


Brandon is doing really well at Eastern
Florida State College. He will continue there in the fall. Please pray for clear direction for him from the Lord. He will be here this summer and has a number of staff lawns to look after, 2013-10-05 057_2as well as other odd jobs. He is enjoying coaching basketball for Upward this year. He loves sports, and is interested in something in that field.


Jessie got her license just before Spring Break! That was convenient as her friend Brittany, who was on the Panama team with her last year, came to visit. They had a good time together. As mentioned earlier, she will be graduating on May 26 and will be getting ready for her team soon after that. Pray that the Lord will prepare her heart for the ministry this summer in Madagascar. Also pray for safety on the motorcycles! She plans to attend Eastern Florida State College in the fall, so pray for things to come together for that.


Darin is getting ready for his team to Ecuador. He is excited but apprehensive as it is his first time away from the family. He will do great! He has enjoyed playing basketball with Upward this spring, especially since dad and Brandon have been his coaches! Darin received the Pop Warner All-American Scholar Award as he was in the top 2% for his grades this year.

Thank you to all those who have blessed Jessie and Darin with their summer support. We appreciate those who are part of their specific ministry in this way. They are about $1500 short of the goal at this time, so if you feel like God is tugging at your heart to be part of their ministry through prayer or finances, please fill out the coupon attached. Heaven’s riches will never dry up!

This has been a busy few months for Anthony. He was put in charge of the outside crew for a time so that kept him very busy. He really enjoys it, but doesn’t get much of his own work done.  He will soon turn that over and will get back to doing some printing and electrical work. He is also scheduled to take a group to Ohio to put up a Tabernacle in May. Overall, he has been feeling pretty well, but his Crohn’s disease pops up when he gets worn out. Appreciate your prayers for good health for both of us this summer, especially as it means long days and getting worn out quicker!

I have been busy helping in the office and with the correspondence with the overseas bases. At this time we have 32 bases, 23 Bible Schools, 38 Boot Camps, 32 Rescue Units and 162 Sunday Schools. We have had a number of adult teams and volunteers go out this spring. They have gone to Ecuador, Honduras, Malawi and Uganda. They go for up to two weeks and are such a blessing to the bases and personnel overseas.

We hope and pray that God will give each of your families a safe, exciting and spirit-filled summer! We will keep each of you in our prayers as we always do. Remember that the Lord is always in control even when we feel out of control.

God bless you.


Anthony, Shawna, Brandon, Jessie and Darin

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