Petersen, Doug & Barb Newsletter (Spring 2014)

Petersen DB Staff NewsletterSing to the Lord and bless His name;

Proclaim the good news of His salvation from day to day.  

Declare His glory among the nations,

His wonders among all peoples.

Ps. 96:2,3  NKJV

Dear Family and Friends,

DSC_0738Our comings and goings: Some of you know that we went home for Christmas this past year; it was a special time for us. We celebrated our 50th year of marriage last year (June 8, 1963), and we decided we would just celebrate off and on the whole year through. One decision we made was to be with family over Christmas. It was a very memorable time for us, filled mostly with just spending time together. Along with our immediate family, we were able to see Barb’s brother and Doug’s family in Colorado. We were able to visit our precious home church in Denver, too. We were also blessed by the fellowship at Calvary Chapel Merritt Island, where we attend when in Florida. Not forgetting to mention, it was very good to be able to see and visit with the staff at the home office in Florida. For us, wherever we are is “home” and yet we remember that our real home is in Heaven forever and ever. While here on earth there is still a task to do. It is clearly mentioned in the verses above.

DSC_0734_Right now: As I write this, we just sent out a team of students and staff to run the first of the four Boot Camps for 2014. It is located at Connie’s Heart Rescue Unit in Funda. They will host five teams. Over Christmas Holiday, we did 11 teams. In all, more than 500 young people were touched with the Gospel in these last five months. A report we received from one of our bases is that the teens that came to Boot Camp from that locale started to meet twice a week after they returned home. They set aside one day for praising the Lord, the other to do evangelism. They have prayed for people to receive Christ as the
y visit the remote local villages. We praise God that He uses young people for His glory. Pray that these young ones will stand strong for the Lord all of their lives.

DSC_0762_MSSM: This is the Motorcycle Sunday School Ministry. I, Barb, have the joy of typing and sending their reports in every month to the home office. There are two Circuits with seven Sunday Schools on each Circuit that assemble each week. I will share with you another story from this ministry, written by Lackstone Mulenga, our Circuit Rider. He shares that 11 people were saved that very day. In another Sunday School last month he saw 38 give their lives to Jesus. From all of the seven Sunday Schools, he recorded 102 salvations just in one month.  We praise God and give Him all of the glory.

Lackstone’s Story: Much of his report is a quote from Mrs. Chakalashi, who attends the Sunday School meetings in Kapeshi (Kah-pay-she). “I thank the Lord for the good work God is doing in this community.” Mrs. DSC_0744_Chakalashi said. “There was chaos here and things were very difficult, especially if we even talked of preaching the Gospel and doing evangelism. People were very ignorant in the things of God. They wouldn’t even step out into their yards to hear anyone preach. They would go to the witchdoctor if someone was sick. Now what we are seeing is only God’s doing, watching you (the Circuit Rider) going to their villages to visit and to introduce Jesus to them.” Lackstone continues the report: Mrs. Chakalashi is 43 years old. I am very humbled and at the same time happy for the new souls. Their names are Mr. Mubanga, Mrs. Maliki, Mr. and Mrs. Chembe, Danny, Peter, Mr. Ngoma, Juliet, Anita, Angela, and Benard. People, please, stand with me praying that God will continue to touch more people as He is the only one who can change people. Also, the number of kids keeps increasing. There is a reason that God has given this multitude of kids. Thank you supporters for making this work possible through support and prayers.  (These eleven were saved on the 14th of March.)

To our Supporters: Thank you to all of you who pray and support the Zambia work. We are blessed. God is faithful. You are so special to us. “Thank you” never seems adequate for your part in this ministry and in our lives, so may God just bless you in a mighty way.  

Again thank you for joining your hands with ours as we labor together.

In His Harvest,

Doug and Barb Petersen

Matthew 6:33 & Galatians 2:20


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