Reilly, Mike & Rena Newsletter (Spring 2014)

ReillyDear Friends and Family,

We are praising GOD for another year of the school running and training young people for missions. It was touch and go for a bit. But we now have eight students who have committed to be with us for two years. We changed our one-year program back to two years. The reason was that even though the students finished their homework and completed the course, we felt like they were not retaining much of the information and not having enough time to put it to use. So we have come up with our Travel Team BMW. We still have the same classes, but they head out on the road at different parts of the year traveling throughout Australia helping youth groups, schools and churches and putting to use what they have learned. This way, the theology, Old & New Testament survey, preaching and hermeneutics classes come a bit more alive when you need to use the knowledge right away.

So the next question is how can we get churches and youth groups to use us, well we started a GO MAD campaign. That stands for GO Make A Difference. We have set up a simple program to help youth groups to reach their community in a practical way with weekends of help projects. We have former team members from over the years set up a place for us to stay, get work projects and send out our brochures. At present, we have two trips lined up—one in Perth (that is like driving from NY to CA) and another set up in Adelaide (which is like driving from NY to Dallas). We have a few smaller events being worked out for Sydney NSW, Bundaberg QLD, and Redlands QLD. We have sent large banners with GO MAD and our website address on it to different parts of the country. Now we are working on getting the domain for this as well as the copyright for it. So pray that this will start the revival that this nation needs.

Rena and I have been back to school—well, sort of. We found out that we needed to update our qualifications. The course is called TAE 10—Training and Assessing Education—not sure what the ten stands for. Rena had part of the course completed while I did the work with a training organization only to find out that they did not have the qualifications to offer the course. So I had to redo it. It took a bit, but we have finally both gotten it. I am now working on my qualifications for building. The laws have changed so everything that I was allowed to do before I can no longer do now. I am in the middle of completing the course. It is a year-long course, but I have been able to complete ¾ of it in six months. I am hoping to be done so we can start building our new 5,371 square foot chapel this May. Please pray as it is really time consuming.

Once again we did Easterfest. We changed things around this time. So instead of our normal mini-O.C. (Obstacle Course), we remade all of it to reflect our GO MAD theme. At each section of this O.C. there is a sign that says GO M.A.D. and ….. For example, at the starting line there is a ball pit with a sign that says GO M.A.D. and find your Destiny; they dig through to find a clue for the next section of the O.C. to go to. So, depending upon the clue they pick, they could go to a wall they need to put together that says GO MAD and Build, or they could go to a mini truss for a building that is a puzzle and when they put it together it says Go MAD and Roof, and so on. With 35,000 plus teens, we pray that some will Go Make A Difference in the coming years.

Well, Michael has left home (only for a short time). He saved up his money and headed to Sydney to join Youth with a Mission, better known as YWAM. He will be there for three months at the school before heading out to India and Nepal for about two months putting to use what he has learned. There are about 27 students. He has three roommates (one is a snorer). There are only two in the group that speak English as their first language, him and another American. He is doing this as he wants to find out what to do with his life. Pray that he does find out what God has called him to do and what his next step after this program will be. We are proud of him for saving up for this and stepping out. We hope this leads him to the adventure that his dad has had, but in his own way.

Thank you for your prayers.

Continue and pray for:

-Michael as he seeking what is next after YWAM

-Praise God that Katie Rose got a job at the school, which helps pay the bills and provides free classes for Brendan towards his Masters Degree. Pray now that Brendan can get a job.

-Pray that our recruitment for this coming year grows.

-Pray for me to finish my classes soon.

-Pray for Rena as she travels back home for three months to help with her mom, and for me as I hold down the fort while she away.

-Pray for My trip to Sri Lanka and Burma—that we can get a project in Sri Lanka and a school started in Burma

Thank you so much for your support!!!

In Christ,

The Reilly Family

Eph. 6:10-18


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