Spindler, David & Stephanie Newsletter (Spring 2014)

Spindler Staff NewsletterBeloved Friends and Prayer Partners,


My heart is full of praise and thanks for our years of service to the Lord with Teen Missions. There have been many challenges and various trials, but in James chapter 1 we read that we are blessed when we face trials of many kinds. We are encouraged to persevere and be patient when we face testings of our faith, because God is paying attention to our situation. If we pass the test then God promises three blessings to us: to be mature, perfect and lacking nothing as recorded in James 1:5. We do thank and praise God for His faithfulness and meeting our daily needs. We also enjoy good health and strength, a blessing from the Lord. We are not yet mature, however, and are far from perfect! So the testings of faith will continue!

We have so many to thank. For both of us, our first thanks goes to the Lord for His great love and our salvation. To the folks at Stringham United Missionary Church, where David first encountered Christ and gave his heart to the Lord, and to my Sierra Heights Baptist Church family for the loving example of Christian love in action that drew me to commit my life to Christ, and whose prayers led David to recommit his life to the Lord – THANK YOU. Without your loving examples and faithful ministry and prayers, only the Lord Himself knows who and what we would be today.

To our many friends that God has used to encourage, challenge, and yes, sometimes, to correct us, many thanks. You, too, are a big part of who each of us is today and why we are able to serve the Lord as we do. Finally, to those who, in obedience to the Lord, support us monthly with your prayers and financial gifts to the Lord, words just seem so inadequate to express all that is in our hearts. Thank you for your faithfulness, and may our dear Lord Himself bless you with the same generosity with which you bless us.

Thank you to our family for their patience with us throughout the years. We’ve made many mistakes and are very thankful for the blood of Jesus that cleanses us from all sin and wrongdoing. And the most amazing thing is that God will remember my forgiven sins no more, even though people do not forget.

David in Europe and Stef in Asia

To our former team members and co-leaders over the many years, you have borne with us through our mistakes, prayed for us, and loved us in spite of ourselves. Through all of you and through each one of you, the Lord has taught us so many invaluable lessons. It has been our blessing, honor and privilege to have served with you and we want to thank you for all you have taught us. We love you all and greatly appreciate those who do keep in touch with us through mail, e-mail and social media.

This year I will be 61 and David turned 69, but there is no retirement in the Great Commission. We have the example of Moses starting his main career at 80 and serving the Lord God for 40 years, and often meet others who are setting an example by serving God into their 80s. By the grace of God we continue to serve the Lord with Teen Missions, currently, in the Teen Missions in Canada office as well as leading summer teams. We covet your prayers for us as we continue to serve wherever God directs.

Please also pray for our children (Iva, Heather, Jenni, Olga, and Azzie) and their respective families. Our being far away from them is difficult – more so for some than for others. Pray that God will fill them with His peace and with understanding for the call of God on our lives.

This is just a THANK YOU for your prayers and participation in our missionary service. May the Lord Himself bless and reward you for your faithfulness as well as for the time you spend in prayer for us and for your generosity financially as you give according to the Lord’s leading and provision. As prayer and financial PARTNERS, you share in any rewards that come as a result of our service to the Lord.


Together in His Service,

David and Stephanie Spindler

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