Vanderpool, Kathy Newsletter (Spring 2014)

VanderpoolDear Family and Friends,

Two weeks ago I returned from Uganda. We needed someone to lead the adult team to Uganda and I had the opportunity to go with five team members. We arrived in Entebbe around 10 P.M. We walked easily through Immigration and Customs and found the staff were waiting for us to start the four-hour truck ride to the Jinja base. We arrived there at about 2:30 A.M. and slept for a few hours. I needed to get food supplies, so after breakfast we all went to town to exchange money, look around town and get supplies. The next day we unpacked and got all the shoes sorted as our project was to wash the orphans’ feet and put on new socks and shoes. Then it was time to pack the truck and head to the Orphan Rescue Unit. We left about 6 A.M. and arrived at the lake around 10:30 A.M. We unloaded the truck with our 12 duffel bags of shoes, food supplies, mattresses, tents and our backpacks of personal clothes and necessities. We were all loaded on the boat and then it started to fill up with other passengers. We headed out but, only went about 12 feet before the boat went back to the dock. They said we were too heavy and had to move to a bigger boat, which we did. Once again we were on our way. We went to one landing and then three hours later they brought us right up to our landing where our Orphan Rescue Unit is. The girls staying at the dorms helped us get all the bags up to the unfinished staff house. We began to set up camp as quickly as we could before dark set in. My tent was set up just outside by the kitchen. The next morning was Sunday and the team walked to church. We fixed lunch after church and then spent some time with the orphans, washing a few feet and then playing some games with them.

Monday the team began to work on the construction of the staff toilet block. Our days were filled with working on the toilet block, washing the orphans feet, telling them Bible stories, singing songs and then giving the team an opportunity to share the plan of salvation. I had opportunities to take photos of the orphans to add them to our sponsorship program. A grandfather brought his six-year old granddaughter to us—the little girl’s mother died during childbirth. The little girl was bitten by a tsetse fly and developed spinal meningitis for which she was given shots in her spine. But then her sister dropped her and now she cannot walk or talk. The grandfather is taking care of her, but his wife is very sick and he is struggling to take care of both of them. The granddaughter was so happy as she sat on her grandfather’s lap. He came asking for help so that he could take her to have x-rays to see why she couldn’t walk. We also saw a mother who takes care of orphans as well as her own children. There was a little boy who was blind who came to get his feet washed and new shoes. He struggles to walk, but what a happy little guy he was. These are just a few of the special-needs kids who won’t ever have the privileges that are given to children here in the States. It was really good to see the love and concern that the guardians had for these children. The team was able to wash 92 orphans’ feet and put socks and shoes on them. There were many smiles on the children as they returned back to their homes.

Before we knew it was time to head back to the base. We were to leave at 7 A.M., but I think the boat finally came around 9 A.M. It was a short two-hour boat trip back to the landing and again we were met by the staff, we loaded the truck and made the four-hour drive back to the base. The team had a sightseeing trip to the source of the Nile River, shopped for souvenirs, packed their things and left for the airport for the return flight back to the States. They were a great team to work with and I’m thankful for the time I was able to spend with them. I remained behind to meet with our Uganda staff and to visit the secondary school. I also spent time at the Rescue Unit and saw how this one runs as well as see the Matron Unit and the girls who staff the dorms. Now I’m back home and working on getting ready for Boot Camp.

In about a week we will be starting our 40 Days of Prayer. The staff each take an hour a day to pray—we do this for 24 hours a day for 40 days in preparation for the summer ministries. Instead of the usual room, we pray in the Display Room where we have photos of all the bases, Orphan Rescue Units and Motorcycle Sunday School Missions. Each base overseas sends in specific prayer requests for us to pray for. We also pray for all the team members, leaders, volunteers and teams. This is the most important thing that we do in preparation for the summer ministries.

We are busy putting up the five tents that we need to run Early and Super Teen (13 +) Boot Camp, a tent for Peanuts (7-9), Mustard Seeds (4-6) and two tents for training leaders and team members. Then there is the Obstacle Course to set up, all the equipment that is issued to get into place, tents to set up for each team and property clean up, to name just a few of the things that we need to get done before the leaders arrive and Leader Training Seminar is held. It all comes together the day team members arrive to start Boot Camp.

The Mustard Seed tent is up and soon Dad will be putting the castle front together. “Kings and Queens” is our theme this year. We will have Bible lessons about Saul, David, King Jesus, Esther and Josiah. They will have memory verses to learn so they can share the plan of salvation with the wordless book colors; they will have crafts to make, snacks to eat, the Obstacle Course to run, missionaries to talk about their country and prayer requests. At the evening rally they will find out who ran the Obstacle Course the fastest and who had the messiest tent; then the evening speaker will share a message from the Word of God. So far there 11 children signed up but the rest start registering about this time of year. They are precious children to whom we get to minister. Please pray that their hearts will be open to hear the word of God, give their hearts to the Lord and have a great time together. Also pray for the preparations that are being made for these 4 to 6 year olds and that the Lord will speak to these little hearts and maybe they will be the missionaries of the future.

After Boot Camp I will travel to Ethiopia with our Director Bob Bland. I will go onto Zambia and Mr. Bland will go to Cameroon. About five days later we will meet in Malawi, then head to Madagascar and South Africa, Mr. Bland will return to the States and I will visit Zimbabwe and Uganda. We will be visiting the bases to see the running of the MSSM program. I know this will be another adventure in serving the Lord. Please pray for our travel time in Africa, that much will be accomplished through these visits with the staff, students, facilitators and coordinators.

Thank you for your part in allowing me to serve the Lord here at Teen Missions where lives are being changed! Thank you for prayers and financial support.

Because of Him,


I Timothy 1:12

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