Wald, Christine Newsletter (Spring 2014)

WaldI know what you are going to ask, so many people have been asking…Where are you going this summer? Do you have a team yet?

Considering that team members began signing up for this year’s teams last July and that many teams are now full and most of the leaders have all been placed, it is unusual for me not to have been assigned to a team until the middle of May. But the wait is over!

I am excited to announce that I have been asked to lead a team to the Philippines. I have always wanted to visit the Philippines and now to be going on a Tsunami Relief Team is very exciting!

We have nine guys, five girls and three leaders signed up to go on the Philippines Team. Our project will be rebuilding a church near the city of Tacloban, on the island of Leyte.

We will be clearing debris, providing fresh water, and working with feeding programs to help a city laid waste by the fury of Typhoon Haiyan and bring hope to people who have lost everything. It has been six months now since the Tsunami, but there is still so much need.

The storm which struck last November 8 left 6,293 dead, 1,061 missing and about 4.1 million people displaced, Red Cross figures showed. It caused massive damage to homes, businesses, schools and roads, with power, water and all essential services in an area the size of Portugal cut off. Water and electrical services have been restored in many areas and businesses are reopening. After a brief surge in looting just after the storm, police have returned to the streets. The UN Food and Agriculture Organization said in a report that 600,000 hectares of farmland and 33 million coconut trees, vital to local livelihoods in one of the country’s poorest areas, had been destroyed. Seeds, fertilizer, farm tools and alternative livelihood assistance had allowed about 80,000 families to bring in their first harvests since the typhoon, it added.”

Agence France-Presse, GMA News Online

Data from the International Organization for Migration shows that over 5,000 families are still living in more than 60 temporary shelters spread out through the Visayas. In Tacloban alone, 14,000 families are still homeless. An estimated 19,000 people lost their jobs, according to the Philippine Department of Labor and Employment.”

Daryl Dano, Global Views

Summer Preparations

In April we started setting up the Big Tops. There are seven Big Tops scattered around Boot Camp, one for Mustard Seeds, one for Peanuts and Preteens and the rest for Teen classes and rallies.

Total team members and leaders registered for 2014:

June 7 – 22 First Boot Camp 278

June 15–22 Peanuts (ages 7-9) 38

June 19–22 Mustard Seeds (ages 4-6) 28

June 19–July 5 Second Boot Camp 238

June 26-July 5 Preteens (ages 10-13) 81

In May we sent out two crews to set up the life-sized Tabernacle replicas in Indiana and Ohio. They will be open for tours through mid-October.

The shipping container we loaded with clothing, shoes and a well drilling rig has now arrived in Africa and will be unloaded and donations handed out to the orphans by the Malawi teams in July.

My Ministry in Graphics

I currently have a lot of printing jobs, as we have orders to fill from our overseas bases for verse packs, paperwork, banners, vehicle logos and so much more that will be packed and sent out with the teams. There are also t-shirts, web pages, brochures, banners and schedules to design and print.

In June, my position shifts over to Boot Camp photographer. In addition to my regular Facebook posts for Teen Missions, I put together a photo album for each day of Boot Camp. You can follow my work at facebook.com/teenmissions. We have grown from 10,400 followers on August 1, to over 20,300 on May 15!

In closing, a big thank you to all my prayer partners and financial supporters for being so faithful over the past 12 years!

In Christ,



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