India’s Guntur & Krishna EV’ Team Week 1

Editor’s Note:  Enjoy a first-hand account of one our our national teams as they share the gospel in their own language and culture. These excerpts are from the team leader’s report.

Greetings to you in the wonderful name of Jesus Christ,

After commissioning our team  started travel from the base at 10:30pm and we arrived at  our destination around 2:10pm . The name of the place is called Mangalagiri hosted by brother Madhu.

Due to the elections we could not go for the evangelism until the 8th of May. It was a little better because they had some time to adjust in the new place; meanwhile we had very good time was used for preparing our students for the target intervention; Since Mangalagiri is one of the Hindu temple areas, we need to give a lot of instructions for the safety of our students during the praying teamGospel propagation., Skits, Puppet show, songs and memory verses etc., were reviewed. We also had celebrated one of our student’s birthdays.

On the 8th we started distributing the tracts.  By evening again we started by 5:30 pm and projected ‘Passion of Christ’ movie at the junction.

On the 9th we concentrated on Kotthapeta phase II. By 10:00 one team went to Amaravathy for the Children camp and the second team conducted the children’s camp in Kotthapeta itself. By evening 5:30 again started and projected ‘Ten commandments’ movie and preached about the redemption from the spiritual bondage.

On the 10th we went to the another part of Mangalagiri called ‘Nrusimha colony’ (named after hindu god); We did track distribution for two hours and from 11:00 to 1:00 PM we ran the children’s camp in that area. At 6:00 pm the same ‘Ten commandments’ movie was projected in the colony grounds.

On the 11th we had a wonderful worship service in Kotthapeta.
During the afternoon we had team prayer for the ongoing ministry and for the teen mission and for our other teams as well. We are following all teen mission’s rules and regulations. Our students doing good; I am glad to say that God is using us for His glory; Few are responding to the Gospel.

Please pray for the remaining programs. 12th in Gurazada, 13th Kanumuru, 14th Velpuru, 15th Mantada, 16th Pamarru 17th Vuyyur.


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