The Australia Team Is Adjusting To Boot Camp

Australia and Cambodia Team

Australia and Cambodia Team

Today is the second day of Boot Camp! Classes began today so it has been a very busy day. Our classes include block laying, steel tying, carpentry, digging, concrete, puppets and music. Our schedule is full!

The weather has been great with only one “real” episode of rain which was during the rally on Saturday night. The team is staying healthy except for a few blisters as they get these boots broke in.
We begin every morning with “Rapture Practice” before running the Obstacle Course. We have one teenager on our team who struggled with the Jacob’s Ladder obstacle yesterday, but this morning he made it over with flying colors.  It’s so good to see the team improving each day and helping one another while running the Obstacle Course.
The team is continuing to work toward becoming unified. They are already making some strong friendships and are getting along together very well.
Nathaniel Bay – Well, first off, no one passed out on the first Obstacle Course run. God is good and I hope that the rest of the summer is as awesome as these first few days.
Chance Tullis – Physically and mentally, everyone pushed through the Obstacle Course and God gave us strength and integrity to keep from giving up!




  1. Hi! jimmy ..I am very proud of you. wow!

  2. Great job to the teams on the obstacle course.

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