The China Team At Boot Camp

ChinaTeamIt’s the second full day of Boot Camp. The team is doing well- settling in and getting to know each other a bit. We have eight Former Team Members (FTMs), and they have been helping the first timers get acclimated. We have had our orientation and our first KP (kitchen patrol) yesterday. Today is our first day of Boot Camp Classes.
Today we ran the Obstacle Course for the second time; we had a “practice run through” yesterday. The team did a really good job staying together, working as a team and encouraging one another, instead of “every man for himself”. I have led five other teams previously and have never seen a team come together as quickly as this one has.
“Well we’ve only had two days of Boot Camp so far, but I can already see how God is going to work. Everyone really seems to be trying to have positive attitudes. I’m excited to see our team unity build. I’m praying that every day we will grow closer to each other, and especially to Christ. Can’t wait for China!” – Hannah Welch
“Last year I came to Teen Missions as a Preteen and I dreaded the Slough (a rope swing over a water trench in the Obstacle Course). I fell in almost every time because I was depending on my own strength. When I finally asked God to get over it, I did. Our own strength is not enough, we need God. Philippians 4:13 says,”I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” Call on God and He will be your strength.”
Veronica Bisson


  1. Way to go China Team!! Way to go Veronica! This sounds like it is shaping up to be a good time working with great peeps!!

  2. Leonce Jurjevich

    We’re absolutely thrilled to hear such a good report about the team. Looking forward to meeting them at Commissioning!

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