Mt. Kilimanjaro Is Doing Great!

Kilimanjaro TemaHowdy!
Here’s the first update from our team. Our wonderful team is busy getting adjusted to the rigorous Boot Camp schedule as I write this to you. They made it through Orientation, not without a few SB’s (special blessings; aka extra training), bug bites, and of course, blisters. Although we had a few discouraged in the beginning, they are now starting to get in to the groove of it all. I thank the Lord that we have Kitty Mckay, Jakob Voorhies, and May bunn, a few Former Team Members (FTMs) to help all of our first timers along. We also have Elaine and Lance Piikart as two amazing encouragers.
The team ran the Obstacle Course (OC) for the first time yesterday and had some trouble with listing off the books of the Bible in order. They came up with a system where they all memorize a set of books and then work together to piece it together.
Last night they also received the Piggy award for the first and hopefully the last time. Thankfully, they received it with a happy heart and cleaned the bathrooms in about 45 minutes. Today they also have KP, so they are definitely a busy bunch, but somehow they still have a lot of energy… (Bless their hearts!)
This week we’re hoping to win the Clean Award and get some pool time, work on our memory verses, get to know each other better so that we can have a strong bond as we go through the rest of our summer. Everyone seems to enjoy each other’s presence thus far, so pray that it stays that way, and that even in the hot, sticky conditions of Boot Camp, they can find a reason to smile and love on each other.
Enough from me, here’s what they have to say:
Arianne- Boot Camp is very very interesting – lots of discipline! We got the messiest team award and had to clean the bathrooms. But Boot Camp is super awesome!
Elijah Farmer– I am loving Boot Camp—all of the God-loving people, and the Obstacle Course. I cannot wait for the trip to Tanzania and all the joy i get to bring into people’s lives. Parents-love you and will write to you soon!
Callie Seeley– Boot Camp has beeen one of the most challenging things I have ever done. But with the lords help, it has been an awesome experience.
Grant Headrick– I feel a little homesick but I feel very adverturous. Boot Camp prepares you for any circumstance that you might be in. The 1st day is hard but you get the hang of it eventually. You also become closer to God at camp. I can’t wait to go to Africa. The adventure will be amazing! For now, keeping the right mindset is the key.
Joey Vincent– TMI Boot Camp is so fun. I hope the rest of the trip is just as fun! (that’s what I thought on the first day…) Now, I’m cleaning the bathroom in dirty clothes and I hope I don’t have to do that again.
Jakob Voorhies– This is my third time at the Lords Boot Camp. I love it! God is teaching me so much! Thank you Teen Missions for giving us a chance to learn to walk a godly life.
Caleb Hubbell- Boot Camp has been quite an experience so far! It is harder than expected but fun. The OC is hard, I fell from the wall, but I love making new friends. I know I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.
Rachael Manevel– I didn’t like Boot Camp at first, but I’m starting to get used to it. I didn’t know it would be so strict!
Lance Pikkart– Boot Camp is difficult, but enjoyable. It builds character.
Emma Reynolds– It has been so hot, but luckily I fell in the slough during the OC so I was cooled down. Praise God for the slough!
May Bunn– Being a FTM this time around is a lot easier and helpful on this trip. I have a much better attitude than last time… which is a fabulous thing.
Jacob Ganzevoort- Boot Camp is difficult. I found out the only was to make it is with the Lord.
Maddi Weber– I’m not as sweaty as I was yesterday, but I’m sure that time will come. Boot Camp is fantastic and my team meshes really well. I can’t wait for Africa
Ashleigh– So far Boot Camp is really hot and humid, but nonetheless fun. I love our team and we’re already really close.
Elaine Hines- Boot Camp—boots, sweat, tears, pain and joy. This is where the gold gets refined. Welcome to Heaven.
Kitty McKay– Hey Everyone! Boot Camp is great! It’s never been this cool in the summer. Sadly, we got piggy, but we’ve already cleaned the bathrooms… So I’m over it. See ya!
Ryan Ernest– Boot Camp is challenging, yet a fun experience. I am learning a lot and making a lot of cool friends. I am really looking forward to what the Lord is going to do in the coming weeks.
It is a pleasure to be with your children everyday, they make me laugh so much! (and you’ve raised them to be very respectful which is a major plus). I can’t wait to get to know them better and see what God does in and through them.
Peace, love and blessings,
Natalia Lebo
Keri, Mchattie,
Jevon Buekhert
and the Kilimanjaro Team.




  1. Thank you so much for these updates. Praying for God to comfort and strengthen all of these team members as they embark on this journey. I am so thankful for the nightly rally webcasts and being able to see Callie. god Bless you all.

  2. Hey kitty! Glad boot camp isn’t has hot as last year! Sad cuz I’m not there to see u in action but I got the closest thing videos! I will be emailing u soon girly! Keep up the good work!

    Taylor Bailey (Ireland team last year)

  3. Good job, Arianne. You will be well-qualified to clean porta-potties when you return. Our whole church is so proud of you. Love you – Auntie Claudia

  4. You guys rock. So proud of you, Arianne!

  5. Thank you for posting how the team is doing! I really enjoyed each person’s individual update, thank you for taking the time to do that! Praying for you all! Keep up the GREAT work! Phil 1:3-4 Blessings, Shelly Hubbell

  6. Mom and I are praying for you all… EVERYDAY… Praise God for His blessings.

    Do your leaders a favor and ask TMI to put lipstick on the piggy …

  7. Hi May! Miss you sweetie! I’m thrilled to hear you’re keeping a good attitude – you’ll get fewer SBs that way. 😉

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