Panama Is Adjusting To Boot Camp!

Team Panama is off to a great start. Our entire team arrived by Saturday noon and settled into their tent site. The kids have been having a great time getting to know each other and are Panama Team 14quickly starting to gel as a team.  JJ’s enthusiasm helps keep the team light-hearted. The weather at Boot Camp has been beautiful and we’ve had very little rain. Today there is a beautiful breeze. Classes started today and our routine has begun. Reagan did a great job as she stepped up in music class to help lead songs and keep the group in tune. Today we had the first official run of the Obstacle Course and everyone did a terrific job running and encouraging each other. Breann was an immense help with putting the books of the Bible in order. Emily excelled with the actual running and lifting the big guys to the top of the wall of the OC so they could pull the rest of the kids over the wall. Jared and Logan worked on their upper body strength by pulling team members up and over the wall. Our team did a fantastic job of getting 11 team members over the wall on the first day.  Our ultimate goal is to get the whole team of 23 over the wall before the end of Boot Camp. Today, the team had building classes, concrete mixing practice and music and drama practice. After the classes, the team had a relaxing time at Alligator Lake. They had the opportunity to bathe, do laundry and swim during their free time. Not only will the team smell better, they’ll even have clean clothes. We anticipate great things with Team Panama and everyone is looking forward to learning all they can at Boot Camp and starting their project in Panama.
Ray Hawkins – Everything at Boot Camp is fast, fast, fast! We have to work as a team for everything, especially for the Obstacle Course. We’re learning all kinds of things like how to wash clothes in a bucket, work as a team, and enjoy everything you do. My expectations of this summer are to be more aware of my blessings.
– In the beginning, Boot Camp was really rough, but now it’s not so bad. You kind of fall into a routine and know what to expect. We wake up early, run the Obstacle Course, eat breakfast, have classes and more. The Obstacle Course is fun, yet hard. I keep falling into the Slough and getting drenched. I am having a great time. BTW love you Mom and Dad!




  1. Thanks for the update! And thanks for letting Ray share his perspective! I’m so glad you’re having a great time, buddy. You’ll make it across the Slough soon – you’ve got the upper body strength from swimming 🙂 Proud of you and your whole team as I hear you keep winning the OC! Keep it up. xoxoxoxo

  2. Sounds like you all are doing great! Praying for you.

  3. There is a parent group on Facebook for Panama called “Panama Parent Team ~ TMI 2014”

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