Guatemala Is Bonding

We are presently located at The Lord’s Boot Camp in Merritt Island, FL. 
Today is the first full day of regular training. The team is doing
Guatemala Team well and coming together as a team. We have started our regular classes. We ran the Obstacle Course the first day and got seven over the wall which is very good for the first day of running.
“Boot Camp has started off well. The team is getting along great and is working well together. The Obstacle Course isn’t giving us too many problems so that is a very good sign.” – Joshua Stiffler
“…Here we are, a couple days in, tired and gross. Upon meeting my team I saw just how big we are and this makes it hard to remember everyone’s names. …I find we are bonding already. When we did the Obstacle Course for the first time, I was blown away with the amount of encouragement that my team share. We have a good balance of former team members that know the rules and first timers. God, as I can tell so far, has fit our team perfectly. … I am at peace in knowing my God put me here. It’s tough, but it’s wonderful also.” – Katerina Oswald



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