Haiti Is Doing Great

Hello, parents, friends, and countrymen! The whole team is together. We have already bonded, grown together, and become close in Haiti teamthe span of the last three days. There are 18 team members on this team, all with great behaviors and a love for God. We have been blessed with clear skies for all but one night, but it had stopped as soon as we headed for our tents for lights out, so we have not been rained on yet! Praise God. We have run the Obstacle Course once so far, but had kitchen patrol today so will be doing that again tomorrow. Our team is very enthusiastic about this aspect of the day and even after one run, they are talking about how fun it is! Today we started all our classes—drama, puppets, and construction classes. We do classes every day throughout the day, which will bring our team even closer together as we learn as a team. The team has been a great blessing thus far for the leaders as well. We all know this will be a fantastic summer with all the glory going to God. The next week we will be continuing classes, running the Obstacle Course daily, and keeping our focus on Christ. We are all looking forward to what God has in store for us this summer. Living, serving, and doing—all we do for the glory of God! “He is no fool who gives up what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.” Lets go team Haiti!”Well, God has blessed me with an awesome team for the Haiti trip. It has been fantastic meeting so many young men and women who are so devoted to the Lord. I am super excited about the rest of this summer will bring!” – Jack Kawell
“God has really been enforcing my faith in Him already on this trip. I have leaders that are faith focused and even our team, after our leader yells Haiti, says “By Faith.” I am so pumped to see what God has planned for us for the rest of this summer!” – Grace Mclennan




  1. I am so grateful for the updates and the photos. I miss my son, but I am glad that he’s with such a fantastic group of teenagers.

  2. Debbie Dashiell

    Thank you for the report. We pray daily for Molly and all if you.

  3. Debbie Dashiell

    Thank you for the report. So glad Molly has a wonderful team. We pray daily for all of you.

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