The Malawi Team At Boot Camp

Salutations from the Florida Boot Camp! We would like to praise God and let everyone back home know that we have all arrived safely Malawi Teamand are in good spirits. Since arriving, we have been on a pretty tight schedule. We immediately set up camp at our beautiful camp site, that some of the team members decorated with palm leaves to make it look and feel like a jungle palace. We’ve been blessed to eat some delicious meals, including taco salad, rice, salisbury steak, hot dogs, chips and chocolate chip cookies! We’ve taken a variety of classes in servanthood, music, laundry, and for the first time since arriving, were able to run the infamous Obstacle Course. This was certainly a challenge for many of us. From crawling on our bellies through narrow tunnels, to climbing a giant rigging that reached 30 feet in the air, to swinging across a muddy pond by a rope and a prayer, we faced some of our greatest physical and spiritual challenges. Luckily, the team instantly began bonding with each other and building each other up from the get go, resulting in a beautiful display of encouragement on the course. I am so please to announce that every single team member made it through our first Obstacle Course alive and well. We ask that family members pray for team members that are battling homesickness and we ask everyone back home to continue to write letters of encouragement and love. Mail and email are so important to us all as it is the only way we can hear from you! Thank you for your support and prayers and we will report back soon. Cheerio and God Bless!
“Hey from Boot Camp! We are sweaty and stinky, but we are having a great time! The rally’s and the OC (Obstacle Course) are the best things of the day so far. Even though Boot Camp is hard, we just have to keep on having a good attitude and keep our eyes on the Lord.” –Nathalie Yoder
“Hello Family! Boot Camp is really challenging us to become one as a team. With the encouragement and love being passed around between us, it is getting easier as time goes by to work together. Though Boot Camp is hard, it is getting better each day!” –Aspen Conley




  1. Praying!~ Nick and Shelby

  2. ca i please get all the servanthood lessons please

  3. So thankful the team is doing well and bonding. God has answered many prayers already! Please keep us informed and know you are bathed in prayer and love!

  4. Linda and I, as well a many friends, are praying for Liana Escue and the entire team. Working as a close team is what being a Christian is about, all dedicated and following Jesus Christ who guides us each step of the way.

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