Team Uganda

 The Uganda Team has their boots on the ground! All the team members are settling into Boot Camp and adjusting to the new Uganda Teamconditions and environment. We enjoyed watching the graduation of the BMW School students yesterday and had orientation classes for Boot Camp.

Last night’s rally was good and we are starting to enjoy the worship and messages. We were only one point short of winning the clean award and the pool! We are very motivated to get to swim so we are working hard to clean up all of our tents, our tent site, eating site and seating area. We had KP today so we didn’t run the Obstacle Course today.

Our leader spent time yesterday explaining some of our project in Uganda and our schedule for soccer evangelism. We are all excited to learn as much as we can about where we are going.

Everyone is healthy except for a few blisters. We are already working on our memory verses and working together to have a cheer each night for the rally. In fact, on Saturday night, our team was chosen for the best cheer. We won a bottle of Powerade (yes, just one to share LOL) and some vintage post cards from the Boot Camp Store. You might even find one in your mailbox soon.

Please pray for good health and strength for our team. Adjusting to the Florida heat and new schedule have us all dragging just a bit but we will settle into a routine soon and we know that before we know it, Boot Camp will be over.

“As today is the third day of boot camp, my team is pretty settled in. So far Boot Camp has been challenging. Although I knew it would be primitive, I didn’t know it would actually be this primitive—sleeping in tents, no hot water, taking bucket baths because we don’t have running water. All of us are realizing that the things we take for granted at home are really valuable, so we see more how the people in Africa have to live everyday.” –Daniel Lee
“We are settled into Boot Camp! Our team is getting closer and getting to know each others personalities. Our leaders are Codi, Mindy, Shannon, and Vikki. They are very nice, funny, and encouraging. Yesterday we ran the OC (Obstacle course) for the first time. The OC is long, dirt, challenging, and some of us even fell into the slough. As hard as the OC is we are working as a team and through our struggles we are stronger. Today we starting classes. We all miss you and love you!” –Renee Finley



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