The Zambia Team Is Loving Boot Camp

All members of the 2014 Zambia Medical team arrived safely this past weekend at the Lord’s Boot Camp here in Merritt Island Florida. Zambia TEamThere are 22 team members total (17 girls and five boys), from all across the United States and Canada. The other leaders and I are amazed at how the team bonded immediately from the moment they met one another and are working together as a team.  They are all gradually adjusting to the early hours, weather, separation from friends and family, separation from creature comforts (AC, ice, showers, etc.), and their electronics.  However, they are all excited, eager to face each new challenge as we begin our evangelism and construction classes this week.
The team ran the Obstacle Course for the first time on Sunday during orientation, and for the first official time on Monday, 9 June.  Though their athletic abilities vary, they stayed together with the whole team waiting at the Maze for every member before proceeding further.  Many were worried about the Slough but the majority successfully cleared it, a few made it look exceedingly easy.  Finally, our team is determined to get everyone over the Wall before the end of Boot Camp, even if we don’t win for official score.  Thus far 11 of our team members have successfully conquered the wall.
This week the team officially begins their training classes.  In the morning they are learning different drama performances in drama class.  They are coming together harmoniously (along with the melody), in music class.  Also, they will learn how to entertain children with puppet performances and various balloon animals and objects.  Furthermore, they will learn construction skills, a different skill each day, which will assist them in the construction project awaiting them in Zambia.  These skills include:  layout, concrete, steel tying, and carpentry.
“When I first got to Boot Camp with my Dad, I thought, ‘Well I’m here, where I’ll swing over the Slough, conquer the Wall, and be the best in my team.’  I was wrong.  I fell in the Slough, was one of the newbies on my team, and I didn’t even make it to the Wall in time.  But I know that God wants me here so this is where I’ll stay.  Who knows?  Maybe all my hopes and dreams will come true. ” –Cody Yarbrough
“I have, so far, been taken completely out of my comfort zone. It’s like you have stepped into a drastically different world.  A world full of amazing people and a primitive environment. I completely love it!  I have been able to draw closer to God than ever before.  I’ve felt His presence surrounding my team and I.  I am truly blessed to have this opportunity to serve my Abba, my Father, this summer.” –McKaylin Darsey



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  1. Skip and Shannon Sharp

    We are so grateful to hear that all is going well at Boot Camp. We think of you and pray for all of you continually!

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