The China Team Is Doing Tremendous!

The China team is doing TREMENDOUS! We are adjusting well to the regular routine of classes, etc. Because our team has some ChinaTeamvery excellent talent and enthusiasm in their drama class, the drama teacher ask them to preform a skit tonight at rally. They are extremely excited about this. I am very proud of them for their positive attitudes and participation in drama class. (They did great!) Our goals for the next week are to improve team work on the Obstacle Course and to continue to bond and jell with each other. I am very please with how they rarely complain and have good attitudes about their classes, etc. I see improvement in our group every day, and enjoy watching them grow closer to God.

“Everyone told me Boot Camp is the worst experience. Shocker, I like it! I even like the obstacle course, which is hard, but I feel awesome afterwards. I love my team and I’m so excited for the rest of the summer!” -Rachel Okrey

“My favorite class so far is drama. The teacher is very energetic and gets everyone involved. I love how I can act totally silly and not have people judge me or laugh at me. I feel like I can be myself.” -Emma Thomas

“Teamwork is not an option here. It is vital to our everyday routine and functions. The humidity, the running (everywhere), and what we “spoiled” Americans consider suffering, just brings us all the closer to God and each other.” –Linda Course

“These first days of Boot Camp have certainly been difficult. But, when I feel weak Philippians 4:13 is definitely an encouragement. When I feel alone, Isiah 43 talks about God’s omnipresence and how He will never forsake you. I can’t wait to see what else God has in store for me this summer.” –Nathan Jurjevich



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