The Days Are Rolling By For Team Panama

The days are rolling by at the Lord’s Boot Camp. All of our team members are well except for sore muscles, bug bites and blisters. Panama TeamWednesday, we got our first real rainfall but it was a welcome relief as it brought some cooler weather. We are blessed to have a great, hard-working group of kids. Breann has a willing heart, whenever we need someone to pray, she is the first to volunteer (we all enjoy her starting her prayers with “Hey God” at the beginning of her prayers.) We have begun to notice how competitive our team is. On Wednesday they won the Obstacle Course and probably will win it again. All the team members made it to the Wall before the time was up and 18 team members were lifted over the wall. Ray Hawkins came into Boot Camp a very quiet guy but as he has been making friends. It’s great to see his personality and the same goes for Chris Martin. Tuesday Team Panama won the coveted Miss Piggy Award. The prize was the honor of cleaning all the bathrooms in camp. Brayden Nolte continued his great attitude by making up a jingle to sing to encourage his team mates while scrubbing the toilets. Jared Isles is one of the former team members and is very helpful in giving advice, encouragement and being a godly example to other team members. Gib Patton remarked how proud his mom would be seeing he washed his own clothes in a bucket. He did say that he will appreciate the automatic washer and dryer  more when he gets home. The whole team has been involved with learning several drama presentations. These dramas will be performed overseas to present the gospel message even if there is a language barrier. Trevor and Logan are stand-outs performing their parts. Our team’s goal for the next several days is to continue to become a stronger and more unified team that can be used mightily for the Lord this summer.
“This lat week has been awesome at Boot Camp. The Former Team Member classes so far has given me a new perspective how I should live as a Christian. We have a really good team this summer. I hope our team friendships will last forever. We’ve been having great weather and the most delicious food at Boot Camp. Our team is already counting down the days until we leave Florida to go to Panama. Keep praying for Team Panama and God Bless.”
“OK, well it’s day 6. I think I can speak for all of us, we are tired, it’s hot and humid but you can just see the Lord working through us. We have had some fun times at evening rally. But we are all learning all at the same time.” –Jane Young



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