The Guatemala Team Is Unified

The team is now in Boot Camp training day #4, and they have been here now since last Friday or Saturday at the latest. Training Guatemala Teamcontinues with no problems. Yesterday we had rain along with some thunder and lightening in the afternoon. By evening it was cooler and breezy – a welcome relief. Today is hot and sunny with a good possibility of rain/storms later this afternoon. Team members continue to be responsive to the messages in the rallies and at least two or three are going forward most every night. Some nights more. I would say, for outstanding experience, is the unity that is developing on this team – they are really coming together. They do their best to help one another and encourage one another. Another would be having our two assistant lady leaders doing some of the cooking for lunch. Thus far they have made some outstanding macaroni and cheese, potato soup and today was tortillas. YUMMY!!
 “It was a rough first day/night at Boot Camp; but after I got in the groove. I have made many friends in my journey, suffering the first three days, although I had a good attitude through it all. Rally, classes, meals, the Obstacle Course, and outdoor living—i’s a great combination for myself and some others on my team, but some are still working on fitting in with the heat.” –Elijah Conrad
“Boot Camp has been great. It is hard and sweaty but it has already taught me a lot. My team is incredible and we have amazing leadership. God has been showing me to be content in whatever circumstance. I’m excited to see how the next week of Boot Camp goes.” –Miranda



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  1. Thanks so much for the updates! It’s hard for moms to not be “in the loop” and connected to our kiddos, especially when it’s a daughter who is not the out-doorsy type! We appreciate all you are doing. So glad to hear the team is unified in spirit!!

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