The Holy Land Team Is Bonding

It’s been a busy couple of days. Our day starts out at 5:30 am and by lunch time we have had our Rapture Report, where the team Holy Land Teamcalls out their count-off number as quickly as possible, breakfast, devotions, and five classes which include music, Shake The World, and two Bible classes. The last couple of days we have had construction classes which include layout, concrete, digging, and block laying.  Evangelism classes include music (much like choir practice) and puppets. We were fortunate to have our free time and laundry/bathing time just before dinner. The teens have enjoyed swimming in Alligator Lake during free time. We as leaders are very proud of how our  young people are bonding; truly caring and helping one another through the Obstacle Course, moving from one class to another and sometimes just reminding each other to pick up their belongings. Several have gone forward during the evening rallies.They miss their families and we gently remind them that they are so fortunate to have families that love them so much. They have responded well and bravely look forward to the next day. We’ve also seen re-dedications, praise the Lord.  Everyone is healthy other than a few blisters which are slowly healing.
“At the Wall today we were not talking or communicating in any way.  We had a boy slide down the front of the wall and did not stop him so we were disqualified.  Because of  that, we learned to be a team. So we talked and are staying together tomorrow when we run the Obstacle Course, we are talking and communicating now.”  –Landon  Armstrong
“Boot Camp is a lot of hard work but it’s also fun. I love rowing closer to my team, we are becoming more like a family. God is so good. I’ve also been growing closer to HIm. I wouldn’t be able to make it thorough Boot Camp with out His power and strength. I’m greatful that I get to spend my summer serving God and leading others to Christ.”   -Brittany Crutchfield



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  1. iam praying for all of all

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