The Kilimanjaro Team Is Bonding

Our team has been keeping up with their memory verses and making it to their classes each day. They have been really excitedKilimanjaro Team about the evangelism classes and have been in full participation in music, drama and puppets. They are doing very well and keeping safe during our construction classes. So far, our team has learned about mixing and laying concrete, steel tying, layout and digging. In the evenings before bed when we gather to pray, the team prays that we bond and work together as the building materials they worked with that day.
The days have been hot but yesterday it rained during our classes. When we returned to camp last night all our laundry hanging on our clothes lines were wet once again, so we strung our clothes lines under our undercover shelter at our camp site so we have clean clothes tomorrow.
In the evening we share our testimonies as a team. Each student claims they have made a decision for Christ and yet they are also very open about their struggles in their spiritual walks. I wish everyone could hear these students earnestly lift one another up in prayer asking Jesus to transform each one of us in our specific struggles.
Our troop has had many blisters on feet and hands. For some, a blister is no new experience but for others it is a first and more difficult to cope with. Occasionally our team members find a little swelling in their ankles and feet but by morning they are good to go again.
Some of our outstanding activities that we have enjoyed has been running the Obstacle Course which has become a very positive experience for our team. The first two days of running the OC, we didn’t stay together as a team, we had 17 DQs (disqualified), we didn’t finish the books of the Bible luggage scramble, and had to take two extra laps. The last two days however, we have stayed together as a group, had no DQs, didn’t get a lap penalty and we finished our books of the Bible scramble!
Our team continues to set goals every evening of what they would like to be doing better. During music we have a lot of passionate opinions because music is a favorite for our team members and so our team set a goal last night that they would better manage their conflicting opinions. They continue to set goals for the OC and being efficient in the mornings.
Elaine Hines – “I am thankful for all my teammates. They are showing me that all need to be loved and we need to show patience and mercy.  Praise the Lord for the Kilimanjaro Team!”
Kitty McKay – “I got my very first SB ever yesterday.  Other than that things are good.  My favorite class is FTM class.”
Ashleigh Nicklas –  “I am not even sure of how many days we’ve been here- but I am greatly excited for  how close our team is becoming.”
Joey Vincent – “I am having fun with Special Blessings.  I got to take a ride on a tractor for one.  Also digging holes is fun to do.”
Rachel Maneval – “Boot Camp has shown me to appreciate the little things and to be thankful for everything no matter what it is.”
Caleb Hubbell – “Boot Camp is getting better!  Everyone seems to be settling into a groove.  Also, we are learning that teamwork is key to the obstacle course.  I enjoy structured things and making new friends, so I am having fun!”
Ryan Ernest – “My experience at Boot Camp has been stretching mentally but it has also been a fun time of learning new things and bonding with the team.”
Jacob Voorhies – “I thank God that I am learning so much at Boot Camp. He is teaching me to love all the world as myself as He did.”
Grant Headrick – “I like my amazing team!  Can’t wait to go to Arica!  I miss every body back home, tell them I said ‘Hi’ and ‘I love you!'”
Jacob Ganzi – “I am doing fine now.  It took a while to adjust.”
Elijah Farmer – “Camp is awesome.  Getting stronger in the faith and learning cool things like drama and construction.  The week has gone by fast and my team is improving every day.  Can’t wait  to leave for Africa….to my supporters P.S. Man its hot!”
Callie Seeley – “Boot Camp is a challenge, but an amazing experience getting to praise the Lord in everything we do.  God team Kili!”
May Blessings – “Blessed to be here at Boot Camp.  I would never use the word ‘easy’ to describe Boot Camp, but it sure is good for ya!”
Maddie Weber – “I t hink I’ll get abs from laughing with my team rather than from running everywhere.  Maybe one day we’ll be doing okay on time so we can simply speed walk somewhere 🙂 seriously though, Boot Camp is great and memories are being made.”
Arianne Ensworth – “Well friends, I am really tired.  We all are.  But Boot Camp is awesome and I can’t wait to go to  the field.”
Emma Reynolds  – “I grew up in a very Christian home. My dad was a paster (he still is), and my mom was  a stay at home mom, and home-schooled me and my 6 siblings.  I made my dedication to Christ at a very young age. I believed in Him all through my younger years. It wasn’t until I was 12 that I was tested.
I messed up, made mistakes, and became rebellious. God brought me to my lowest point, so I could learn to love Him, and trust Him. I nearly left my faith, but God lovingly called me back.  I stalled for a while half believing, half not.  But I finally decided to REALLY follow Him. Since than I have been trying to follow Him.  I have had weak times, that I still mess up, but I am closer to God now, than I was a year ago. And I pray that I will grow closer to Him every year, “’til He returns, or calls me home.”
Lance Pikaart – “Before God came into my life in a relationship I was always truing to meet the standards of people.  I was on top of the social chain, am an “A-B” student. I believed in God, but didn’t know Him.  On a Mission Trip to Togo, Africa I saw the world – real poverty and death.  When I came home I became disgusted with people and myself.  I could never meet the standards I set I set, no one could, so I hated people.  To me, everyone was selfish and destructive, including me.  Then God changed me.  I watched a church play – “The Thorn” and I visually saw, the only man who could meet any standard, Jesus.  I saw a Father give His Son out of love for His creation.  I saw something I wanted.  God moved in me and moved me.  He shattered my reality.  I got a love that was unconditional and undeserved.  Is all that love for all people. ( Galatians 4: 4-7)”



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