The Malawi Team Is Bonding

We are on day four of Boot Camp and things are moving along nicely. Everyone seems to be settling into their daily routines, and doing Malawi Teamso with a smile. Even bucket bathing has become somewhat of the norm now. Our team has been taking classes in specialized drilling. We have two rigs that we are working with, one called “Isaac,” which is already in Malawi, and the other that is here with us is called “Rebecca.” The team members have nicknamed it “Clifford.” Yesterday, the team was able to successfully fuel the rig, start it up and use the hydraulics to drill a hole six feet into the ground. You would think that their favorite team won the Super Bowl, they cheered so loud. Today, they have classes in music and phonics as well as some free time to work on Bible memory verses, as well as writing letters home to the families that I’m sure are missing them as well. The team would like to convey their love to their families and encourage those letters from home to keep coming in! Mail is definitely the highlight of the evening. Thank you so much for your support and please continue to pray for courage and joy for our team. God bless!
“My name is Cayge and I am on my first mission trip ever. It has been a very different experience from anything else I have ever done. So far, I have made lots of friends and learned how to live outside in a tent. Mostly though, I feel I have grown much closer to God.” –Cayge Sinnett
“Hello from the Lord’s Boot Camp! I fell in the Slough once so far. The OC is the best part of the day! The food isn’t as bad as I thought and I can’t wait to go to Malawi. The Rally is great every night and Raewyn and Abby are the best assistant leaders ever!” –Anslie Yoder
“Throughout my first few days at Boot Camp I have already learned to depend of God in every situation.  It’s tough being away from home with all the new people, but God has blessed me with an amazing team and amazing leaders. I know that by depending on God, He will bring great things out of my TMI experience. He brought me to it, He will bring me through it.” –Caitlin Via
“Boot Camp is really fun so far. Everybody on the whole team is AWESOME! Through the daily devotions, I feel I have grown a lot closer to God.” –Leah Jeffery
“Boot Camp thus far has been quite an experience! One of the growing points for me has been through the realization that Boot Camp can be as fun and exciting or as miserable and dreadful as I make it. This can be carried over to just about every aspect of life. Our attitudes affect everything. It affects not only our own experiences, but the experiences of everyone around us. I look forward to carrying this throughout Boot Camp, on the field, and once returning home.” – Lydia Fitzgerald



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  1. Way to go Malawi! Great to know the team is bonding and developing great friendships and growing closer to God.

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