It Seems The Uganda Team Is Loving Boot Camp!

The Uganda team is doing well. We won the Clean Award at Rally on Tuesday and got to swim yesterday!  It felt wonderful! Last night Uganda Teamwe won the Brainstorming Award so we are swimming again today! WOOHOO!  We are doing well on the Obstacle Course and were able to get nine team members over the wall. We are starting to get to know each other better and are seeing some unity and growth in our team. The rally speaker last night was  Mike Reilly who gave an awesome message about following God’s call in our personal lives. We received nice rains yesterday that cooled everything down for the afternoon and evening.   Praise the Lord!”Our journey at the Lord’s Boot Camp has definitely had it’s ups and downs, but by prayer and the grace of God, we have gotten through it all.  At the start, we were all strangers and now we are family. During these six days throughout special blessings, work classes  and the hardest times, we have learned to find joy in them. We have overcome our challenges on the Obstacle Course and somewhat with being on time. God is what is getting us through Boot camp and what will get pus through our ministry in Uganda.”    –Alisyn Clark
“Today is the sixth day of the Lord’s Boot Camp and I can feel God really working in my team. I have been stretched physically, mentally and the best of all, spiritually. The Lord’s Boot Camp has taught me that we can’t do missions without fully giving your life to God and have Him lead you. I’m so excited to keep learning how to share the love of God, to the people of Uganda.”   -Irelynn KinneyAt Boot Camp it starts out rough–the heat, the sweat, and the smell. In the morning at Boot Camp we do devotions which consists of a half an hour of prayer and getting closer to the Lord. I like finding different passages that improve my relationship with God. Boot Camp has amazing worship where I can freely worship with my friends and not worry about what they think.”   –Javin Peck


“My time at Boot Camp is amazing. The food is amazing and people are fun and weird. The speakers each night are helping me learn and come closer to God.  One of my favorite times of the day is drama class because the teachers are so good. I love meal time. By the end of the summer, I hope to I am much closer to God.”   –Benjamin Kostner

“My name is Arri Torres and I am on the Uganda team. I am a former team member and to tell you the truth i thought Boot Camp would be much easier this year.  God is definitely showing me (once again) that I am in need of His help.  He has also shown me that i need to be in contact with Him daily. i have been enjoying my team and their energy and please pray that we will be able to effectively serve the Lord In Uganda these coming weeks.”  –Arri Torres



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