Testimonies From The Cambodia Team

The Cambodia MSSM team continues to train on the motorcycles. They seem to be struggling with shifting gears and stopping

Australia and Cambodia Team

Australia and Cambodia Team

. We are taking them through the training course in order to practice these much-needed skills. They are also continuing with their other classes in evangelism training, music and puppets. The team continues to bond well.

“Why am I here, Lord? I keep asking myself this. It is clear that this is exactly where I am supposed to be, even with how difficult it is here. After being on a team last year, while I loved the field, I disliked Boot Camp enough to say I would never come back. I also had been set on going to Jamaica for a week with my church this summer. When I got home, a few weeks of being back, my church fell apart. Meeting with a small group on Sundays instead of church, I felt devastated and upset. During one of these small groups, I shared the calling I had the night before about going to Borneo. I received much encouragement and signed up. A few weeks before registration, it was very hard to raise support. I received the remaining funding and more about a week before departure. I must remember this and how awe inspiring He is, our Lord, and that I will make it because of Him. ” -Anna Headley
“Teen Missions Boot Camp is one of those experiences that you will never forget. It is also one that you will never want to forget. Through all the mud, sweat, and tears you find yourself enjoying the small stuff. A small breeze or cloud, a dry pair of socks, or cold piece of Jello. Your team becomes your family and Teen Missions is your home. Yes, you do miss your real family and friends and the comforts of home, but what you get back in return is worth the hardship. Just yesterday, I fell in the Slough and found myself praising the Lord. My favorite time of the day is when we all come together for Rally; the smell of 100 sweaty bodies fills the Big Top. You can feel the presence of the Holy Father fill the room. These are the moments I treasure. Romans 8:38-39.” Megan Worden
“So, it’s my second day of Boot Camp and God’s already taught me to have a crazy amount of reliance on Him. I’ve also learned how blessed I am to have such wonderful family, church family, and friends that I get to go home to in a couple months; not to mention the amazing showers that I very much miss right now! Today was pretty eventful. One of the fun things I did was ride my motorcycle for the first time. And even though I have a team of six, we continue to shine, as we’ve won the contests today. Another thing I thank the Lord for is my best friend, Aaron Smith, who is on the Uganda team this year. He doesn’t know how important he is in helping me get through Boot Camp.” –Kyle Guyette
“In America, for myself at least, the “small stuff” of life tend to get a bad deal. The good small stuff is overlooked and taken for granted and the bad is exaggerated and made overly serious, “mountains out of molehills” as the old saying goes. Being at Boot Camp, however, has changed that for me. The stuff that at home might have seemed overwhelming and awful, (like for instance, accidentally getting some unknown sliced green stuff from the food line and realizing too late that it is intensely spicy, far too much so for the person whose taste buds scream doe relief as the taste of ketchup, finally forcing it down and drinking half the allotted juice along with most of the water bottle, stopping to breathe while one’s tongue blisters, then suddenly realizing that there’s still two left to eat! 🙂 Big deal? Not here!) become unimportant. Things like and overwhelming and unpleasant (to say the least!0 aroma and the temptation to pass out anytime anyone (including myself) raises their arms, don’t matter as much, and the bugs and heat, while still somewhat bothersome, aren’t half as awful as I would have thought at home. As far as the good little things go, they are magnified intensely here. Every night at prayer I hear my team mates thanking God for things like a cool breeze, rainless hours, shade, and rest, and things like washing oneself (even in a bucket) or dipping into a lake (even a 20 acre lake with an alligator in it!) are appreciated now like never before. My time at Boot Camp has kind of put things into perspective, and not just with these. I have also learned, or rather remembered that the only way to make it through life is to make God #1. Things are a whole lot harder when you’re looking at yourself, but with your eyes on God, all obstacles are reduced, well, to small stuff.” –Jacqueline Riopelle
“This year at Boot Camp, God has shown me a lot of things about myself that I wasn’t aware of, or I wasn’t sure what to do about. One of the big things God has shown me is that when you’re struggling with something in your life, you have to let go of it and give it to God!  When you are struggling, you want to hang on, because the storm may be really bad.  But hanging on to your struggle only makes it worse.  You need to relax, let go, and let Jesus calm the storm by running to Him.” –Laura Beals



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    Loved your testimony. So true – all things are “small stuff” with God! -Love Mom

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